Run 1000 miles in 2018


1.89 on the treadmill. Black ice still preventing morning runs.


Three 3 mile runs in a row, but I’m still 12 miles behind where I should be. I need to fit about four long runs in before the end of the month, probably starting tomorrow night.


6.26 miles tonight. Starting to reel back the lost miles, but my goodness it’s painful.


Great work for getting out there! I’m also feeling sore after a couple of 7 milers over the last two days caused my ITB to flare back up.

Very slow 1.5miles for me today to keep the RED ticking over.


ticking along nicely here. Great effort all round - mileage is climbing for everyone!


Pulling my deficit back. I expect to be on track again by the end of January.


2 days of 10 miles each. The runs are going really well, but I’m starting to find myself in new weight loss territory where the primary concern is getting enough calories in. If anything, weight has gone a bit too low, which is just a completely alien concept… I guess its all part of the journey. Refuelling feels like it should be fun, but so far is just stressful.

Other than that, all is good.


Nice work, Sir. You reclaimed it, in spite of all the travel.


I only have to do a mile or so today to be on target for January. I know where I’m running, so it’ll be a little further.

I’m going to quality check the 1000 Mile spreadsheet today, to make sure it’s functioning properly as we go onto February.



I hope these are regarded as improvements.

  • Ironed out some inconsistencies in the formulae used. This should make future error checking easier.
  • Some minor cosmetic changes
  • The Summary page now shows you whether you’re on target for the year or not

I’ve also set up February, so we’re all ready to go.

My learning journey with Google Sheets continues.


2.76 miles to kick off February. Spreadsheet updates appear to be functioning properly. Onwards…


Rocking along, ever so slightly behind the curve, but I’ll make that up tomorrow.

Looks like I’m the only one updating the 1000 Mile spreadsheet at the moment. I know a couple of guys are injured, but is this still a thing?


Don’t like to see you feeling lonely @Doctor_Bong, so I’ve belatedly joined this challenge. Not sure I’ll get up to 1000, but it will be interesting to see how far I go this year.

Quite getting into this running lark since I started RED October, so thanks for kicking it off. Up to 18 Park Runs now and have entered some 10Ks for the summer. In the last week I’ve also entered in to the Manchester Half in October, so that’s pretty much my year’s targets planned out.


Excellent. I’ve created a row on the summary sheet for you, so you can see you’ve got less than 23 miles to make up on the year. That’s only a little over half a mile a week.

Thanks for joining


I’m still in - just been pants at updating but will do so tonight.

Another first - a 74 mile week :grimacing: - means the mileage is racking up nicely over here. I also think I get XC a bit more now, after a cracking and challenging 20 miler on a beautiful morning on the South Downs with the right shoes. 4000ft of climb made it character building to say the least, but also one to remember. Stunning.

Tonight I will sleep well.


Excellent! Glad you’re still with us.

So, what are the right shoes?


So, I’m pretty pleased with these middle of the road inov8s. Comfy with good grip and nicely dry inside after 20 miles too. They have a moulded studded tread underneath.


Well, I think I have caught up now. 34.2 miles in the last week is pretty good by my standards, although I’m sure it’s a quick evening jog for @Matt76 :grinning:


@matt76 does that going to buy the paper in the morning.

I know it’s a struggle updating two sheets. I’m going to have a play to see if I can have the mileage sheet convert and update from the RED sheet.

I’ll let you know if I’m successful.


Back into the green on the spreadsheet. I’m half a mile ahead of schedule for the year.