Run 1000 miles in 2018


That must make me more or less on track then! :grinning:


Probably. Check the summary tab


Ever so slightly ahead of the curve. Tonight’s run in the snow will be interesting…


Well, I’m still surprised to be on track for this challenge after 3 months. Hoping for some half decent weather now to ditch the winter gear.


Yeah, I’m a bit behind, but it’s not insurmountable


You’ll soon catch up when you’re back to full fitness. Hope you’re feeling a bit better.


Right. I did 2.31 miles tonight, so I’m only 36 miles behind schedule. Hopefully I’ll be caught up by the end of May. That’s the goal. I’ve said it now.


Really enjoyed reading all the updates on the Manchester Marathon today. Think that is my 2019 goal sorted!


Just over 3 miles tonight. Happy with that. Gradually pulling it back after March.


Parkrun done for the day. Two 10k planned for May, plus an expected uptick in the distances on club nights. I’m 49 miles behind schedule for the year, but I should take a decent chunk out of that this coming month.




Starting to look like I was mistaken! :slight_smile:


Good start to May. Reclaimed 0.1 miles, and figure I’ll probably do about 5 or 6 on Thursday. Getting back.


Continuing to claw back those miles. It’s going to take a while, but I’m determined to close the gap.


Hi guys, finally clawing the miles I lost due to ITB issues back over the last few week and about 12 miles behind the run rate currently.

Signed up for richmond marathon in September so hopefully the body holds together and the training for that should help get me over the line!


Great work. I’m still 50+ miles behind due to a succession of injuries and illness since March. I’m sure I can pull it back though.


I’m way behind. About 60 miles. The second half of the year will be tough, if I’m going to hit 1000, but it’s still achievable


Well chuffed today. Never run more than 11 miles before, but managed 15 this afternoon.


Nice. Wish I was making the same progress. Had a night off yesterday, and spent most of today stretching and trying to get my hip mobilised.

Managed to do the club 3 mile Handicap race, although not in as good a time as the previous one. Now I need to decide whether tomorrow’s 10k is viable.

I suppose I’ll know in the morning.


So, well on track and enjoying my running at the moment. I’ve just signed up for a ‘run 150 miles in July’ challenge, which is a lot further than any month I’ve ever had.

Amazing how much more I have been enjoying running since I’ve slowed down and not worried about pace.