Run 1000 miles in 2018


Excellent. I had a great piece of advice on a lake swim; “Don’t race, just swim”, and I think that applies to everything we’re doing. Just enjoy it


Too right. I think it is so easy to lose sight of this.


Updated to today’s date.


Looking good and on track keep it up mate! Unfortunately can’t seem to edit the spreadsheets on my phone or work laptop but up to 796 miles for the year and up on target now!


You can edit the spreadsheet on your phone if you download the Google Sheets app (it’s free). A lot of companies block Google apps on their kit/network for security reasons.


Have some updating to do. For some reason I don’t have access to the sheet any more. Request sent to whoever is managing it.


That’ll be me. Try this


Thanks mate. Can see that one. Has the run 1000 miles on been scrapped?


No. I just sent you the wrong link!


Try now. The sheet had become secured somehow. I’ve opened it again.


Yep. Can see it now, thanks buddy. Will update later. About 40 miles to go!


I’m way off. Injury in the spring, followed by a necessary reduction in running for Tri training did for me.

On the upside, I’ll still have run farther than ever before


I can see the sheet now but it’s read-only! When you get chance do you mind having a look for me?


Yep. I’ll have a look at the settings


OK. The sheet had reset to Read-only. I’ve changed teh settings so that anyone with the link can edit. You should be OK, now.


Thanks mate. All up to date now. 22 miles to go!


Think I’m last man standing here! Finished the year with my highest monthly mileage of the year - 147 - to take my yearly total to just over 1160. That’s more than i ever thought I’d get to back in January.

Thanks to @Doctor_Bong for setting up this challenge and @Matt76 who’s given us all something to aspire to, although it’s unlikely I’ll ever get anywhere near that standard. Thanks gents and I hope you have a great 2019!


Think you are, mate. Brilliant effort.

I’ll stick a 1000 miles totaliser in the back of DSED2019 sheet.