Running clubs - experiences?

I’m thinking of joining a running club as a social way of improving my fitness and dropping the pounds.
I have been running since early spring but it’s always been on my own (apart from one park run so far) so reckon this might give me the boost to take it to the next level. Anyone got experiences of joining a club from the position of being relatively unfit and a novice?

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In my experience is that there is always someone to run with at the back (if needed) and progression as you get fitter.

I miss my old club, they moved location and it is now too fat away.


My local council run a Couch to 5k course. We meet on a Monday evening as a group and the run leader takes us through our paces gradually building up distance and time run over 12 weeks. The aim at the end is to complete the 5k. The group is a mix of gender, age and ability and with being a group, like MvF, gives me the motivation to go. You are expected to try and do a couple of runs yourself during the week but this only helps with burning the calories.


Thanks @bigalster52 and @gc1874

Well, I’ve emailed my local club. Apparently they do an 8week beginners course so will see what they say when they reply.


You’ve nothing to lose! :running_man:

I’m looking at starting at a club near me too within the next few weeks.
I’ve got to the point where running on my own, early in the mornings is becoming a real drain on my motivation.

It’s funny, because I would much rather train on my own. I hate having to wait for other people to be free.

However, a running club was good because I had two appointments in my diary.

I suppose there are advantages and disadvantages to each.

I enjoy running on my own so would definitely keep that up but think it might be useful having the advice of other runners to improve my distance and speed.

I ran when I was at law school and successfully lost a ton of weight back then (eventually hitting my all-time smallest adult waist size of 28 inches and ultimately catching my wife - likely she could argue false advertising!) in any event I always only ran socially. Was originally talked into running by a female friend to accompany her on her runs. I was very over-weight then and she assured me she’d keep it very slow - which we did in beginning. Then was joined by others so eventually had a small running group which meant there was always someone who wanted to go. For me the running (fast jog might be better description) was always social. If I didn’t have someone to talk to while doing it I disliked it. The group was a real seller for me.