Running Milestone Smashed!


Yesterday I completed my 1000th continuous day of running.

I started on 22nd April 2014, and have run a minimum of 3 miles a day ever since.

I celebrated by running in a cross country race in mud, ice and snow.
Today, for 1001 I will do a long run in preparation for my next Marathon.

On day one, I weighed 18 st 10lbs
Today 13 st 8 ( have been down to 12st12- working back down!)

My first run was three miles in 33 minutes.
Now my PB is 21.00.

Some stats

1046 activities ( a few double runs!)
3712 miles run
47,875 metres of gain ( running up Mount Everest 5.5 times!)
Over half a million calories burnt ( shows I should be a bit skinnier!)

There is no doubt that joining this group, and the support of the 30 day groups has helped me achieve this. Running lighter is so much easier.

I am certainly no expert, but , if you are thinking of using running as your exercise to help with your goals, I am happy to support where I can.

Anyway, next victory post at either 12st 8lbs, or 2000 days running.


Brilliant stuff, really well done. How have you managed to avoid illness and injury in that time? When I used to run I never got past half marathon distance because of injury (even by slowly upping the mileage) which is why I went back to cycling.


Very impressive - congrats!

Serious commitment required to not make the excuses on Christmas, Birthdays or when you just hurt! How have you managed to stay injury free that long?


I haven’t.
I have had niggles along the way, but it’s amazing how your body adapts and strengthens over time.
I have had to hobble a few times, I’ve run drunk, I’ve run at nearly midnight, with colds, at 4am.
But mostly, it’s just great. Today I am running along a cycle path through the Kent countryside, in peace and quiet. You can’t beat it!


Congratulations on reaching 1000. Having spent 30 days in a MVFIA group with you I can see the commitment it takes to do it continuously.


That is fantastic @mascott514 Well done to you! Shows real commitment there!


It’s amazing and brilliant. What an achievement! Hat’s off to you! Total dedication. Be very pleased with yourself!


Wish I’d started running in my 40s! Thanks for the motivation to move those feet.


I think there is an element of luck in it. Let’s face it, even elite athletes with the best prep in the world get injured.
But it’s also about listening to your body.
If tomorrow I feel tired or my calf is sore, I ease off, and I’m not afaraid to reduce right back to an easy pace, even if it’s for a few weeks.
A half marathon is a pretty long way. I would say from no running at all, you need a year of building up your core fitness if you want to stay injury free and feel prepared.
That said, I don’t follow my own advice often! I’ve been know to come out the pub, have two hours kip and complete a half (very slowly!).


Thanks for your kind words
Your are never ever too old.
Our club has 80 year old runners. And I mean runners. Not walking.

If you enjoy it running can be a great medative experience and has given me so many new friends.


WOW! That is incredible - surely we need your Amazing Loser story? @Craig_Morris!


I think I did send one in ages ago.


@mascott514 That is truly amazing I have tried to do Marcothon 2 years running and failed after day 18 ( Run everyday in December) Well done, that’s truly a mammoth achievement.

You on Strava so I can give you some Kudos!


Mark Scott
Royal Tunbridge Wells


Just traced the email - but can’t see a post on the site. Did you send the answers back to our @Craig_Morris?


Added :slight_smile:


Thanks. I joined the Brandon Fernhoppers a year or so ago - we run through Thetford Forest on trails, which I find kinder on the knees. Hoping to get back training soon - the achilles seems better now but I’m easing in gently. You’re right about meditation and pals! Spot on.


This is insane! Wow!


I will resend if you like.
I think it was Sept.


Cheers I’ll look out for your vest at a race!