Running Milestone Smashed!


Inspired by you I’ve done my first ever night time run! Had to walk until I got to the street lights , and then off I went. Really enjoyed it - that’s a taboo broken! Thank you!


nice one @Big_Fella,

You need to get a head torch and head off road next.

I was out on country lanes its suprisinly easy, and so quiet!


Done! Ordered this morning. :grinning:


Now you can pop up Ben Nevis at night!


That’s amazing, well done! how are the knees?


You are mad. Glorious - but mad. :scream: Must be a form of life intoxication.


knees are ok thanks!
The streak continues, three years completed last Saturday

all ok in fact, just done Brighton Marathon , and will be doing Hackney half marathon on Sunday.

That said, I have noticed no change in my weight loss, in fact creeping back to 13 st 8 lbs

So, its off to another weightless group for me. Need to refocus


So, nearly two years later…

My streak ended in March

I got a glute injury and realised the game was up.

Just under 5 years, 1776 days

Feels weird to be resting, was a tough day, knowing it was all over but it had to happen one day!(and quite pleased my weight is only 2 lbs up on 2 years ago )

Been swimming instead, not my thing, but looking forward to getting fit, and preparation for a marathon in the Orkneys, in July

Thanks to all the group members that have had to read my exercise rubbish for so long, and for supporting the weight loss


Fantastic achievement mate. Sorry it came to an end, but I’m sure you’ll feel better in the long run without that pressure.


Hi @mascott514 . I am just starting out running and am pretty much the same weight you were when you started . Any tips on getting started and also how to avoid injury . Have joined Park Run ( first one tomorrow ) and doing the None to Run program . Cheers , Admire your achievement .


Parkrun is most people’s numbr 1 tip. They are awesome. Other main thing is not to do too much too soon - build up slowly. Go too fast or too far before you’re ready can lead to injury. Admire other’s achievements, but remember your pace is yours. Don’t try and run at somebody else’s pace, do what’s comfortable for you.


Hi there @ANT
I did reply earlier, but not sure what happened.

As @JIL says , it’s about not trying to go too fast or more commonly too far too soon.

Having said that, I would try and plan to run 3 - 4 times a week ( build up if you’re not at that point)
One longer run slow
One faster, shorter run ( or intervals of some sort)
Plan your week , and if you are due to run, no excuses! Once you get out there it’s a whole lot better than the excuses.

Try and find running that works for you- I like longer distances, quiet on trails , Woods, hills. I also like having races to aim for, but see what works for you.
Try and be adventurous in choosing routes - mix it up and rather than it being a means to an end, you will hopefully enjoy it for its own sake.

Get fitted for a pair of shoes in a decent running specialist shop. At least for your first pair.

Listen to your body , there’s a difference between a healthy tiredness and muscle aches and injuries. If you are not sure, ease off for a few days.

Good luck.


Thanks Mate . want this to be longer term so will ease into it .
Will try and find some trails to run as well . Just have to be careful of Snakes in my part of the world . :wink:


Oh -ok.
Well I’m guessing it’s got good trails then
It will certainly make you run fast.

I did once come across an adder lying on a trail, sunbathing. I managed to jump over it - but I did shit it a bit!


Did the first day of week 2 None 2 Run … Managed well with the switch up to 60secs instead of 30 .
Right foot is quite sore , may have to get it looked at and get some decent runners to support my flat feet .


Well done.
Yep take it easy. You will get quite a few pains when you start out , but don’t ignore persistent pains.

Good shoes will help but mainly a consistent training regime and muscle and tendons getting stronger will help.

If you are very new, see if you can get a good running stride sorted out early , rather than having to adjust it later, mid foot striking rather than heel striking. There’s videos on you tube if you’re interested. ( don’t worry too much!)


Was a good move resting the foot today . Feels like a new one . I think it is a result of bones and tendons etc getting used to the new stresses . Was a bit worried actually but tomorrow will see how I pull up after a None to Run session . Will let you know how it goes .


Yep , best move in resting yesterday . Hit the none 2 run W2D2 and felt great . Now looking forward to the Park Run #1 in Saturday . Bit concerned with running on pavement though as I have been running only on grass with no injury or pains . Might run on side of path and walk on path .


@ANT, I wouldn’t worry about it. The impact of a 5km race will be minimal. Its only when I hit big miles (40 plus per week,) that the tarmac makes my legs tired


@mascott514 When did you start running 3 miles each day? No/yes wanting to run more but realise that I could over do it after only running for about 2 weeks now . Would you suggest a time frame . Reason I ask is that I am the same weight you were when you started and seems that I could trace a similar path that you have taken . One factor is age, you were about 40ish when you started I am 52 and starting . Recovery may be slower .