Running Milestone Smashed!

So I started about 42 years old.
I was about 18st 10 on day one.
I had run since about 32 years old on and off.

Running everyday is a challenge. It’s very very difficult. I weighed up the advantages for me over the disadvantages and decided to keep going. I never thought I would hit two weeks let alone nearly 5 years.

The main advantages are the health and fitness plus mental health benefits. No excuses required every day as you know you are running. Stepping up to long distance races was simple, as you always have 20-25 mile base. Weight loss ( but be careful- 3 miles ain’t gonna overcome a mixed grill)

Disadvantages. Time. Organisation. Family commitment. Running with niggles. Running with injuries. Running drunk / hungover, at midnight.

If you decide to do it, I would strongly recommend having 1 mile as your default minimum. It means you can really ease back. Doesn’t stop you running marathons etc if that’s where you get to.

Overall- be cautious- I would want a lot more running under my belt before taking on a challenge like this.

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Thanks Mate , Not really wanting to run everyday at all . I think I should just get through the None2Run program of 12 weeks first then assess a new goal and daily running .
Going to get fitted out with a decent pair of running shoes next week .

Look out for my 1st Park Run result tomorrow !

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Good decision!
3-4 times a week is ideal I think

And Parkrun is too. It’s such a great way to meet friends local to you.

Let me know how you get on.

I did it !!! 40min 20 sec . Loved it . Some big hills but nothing like the one I have just climbed in my head .
Thanks @mascott514 for the inspiration .

No injury at all running on the pavement . Watched a few running youtube clips and found myself concentrating on form . Head up, hips forward etc etc . Walked first 5 mins then 1 min run 2 min walk around the course . Gave it a burst at the end which nearly took me out as I tried to break 40 mins ( thats next weeks goal ) .

The guys here mentioned the Bushey Park as the first Park Run , Guess where I am staying coincidently while we are in the UK !

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Great effort @ANT

Did you not try a parkrun this morning?

I’ve not done Bushey , I know it’s a huge event now, and I’d like to do it one day.
If you visit Tunbridge Wells on your trip pop in for a cup of tea and a quick run!

Keep going- you have make a really good, sensible start.

Just over 1,300 at Bushy today. They got over 2,000 earlier this year. Quite impressive if you get to do the ‘pilgrimage’ on your trip.

I might also aim for one when I’m home in July/August. Least I know the weather will be cooler than here.
There we have it. A target

All I can do @Riffman117 is run the course as we get to Bushey late in the day on the Saturday . When they are running I will be still in France just about to board the ferry . BUT the next Saturday I am running with you ! in Leeds or whatever the place is .
Don’t think we will get to Tunbridge Wells @mascott514 . Looks like a nice part of the world though . Oh I could do the cup of tea but a " Quick Run " for me is more like a "quick shuffle " :wink:

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Good luck @ANT, let us know how you get on!

Still on the run ! None2Run week5 day 3 today . Incorporating my 3rd ParkRun .

No Injury which is great . Getting colder here in my part of Australia so going to have to pretend I’m in England now . :wink:

Just back in and Improved my 5km by 1min 15 secs . Mind games during it but latched onto a rabbit and they dragged me around the course .

Well done @ANT, nice effort. Running in the winter is good
Glad its going well

Well done there!!!