Saggy skin


im 42 and plan to loose 3.5 stone but i have 1 worry

will my skin return back to the size or will i end up with excess saggy skin
anything i can do to help my chances
i would hate to put all this effort in end up looking worse than i do now with excess skin

any advice and tips would be great



I’m 45 and have lost nearly 4 stone. No saggy skin for me.


that gives me hope then


I think a lot of it is how fast you lose it. I think they say anything more than 2lb a week consistently and you could. However, high water intake can help with that…


I’m drinking at least 4 litres a day


I think if you’re doing it healthily, through nutrition (and possibly exercise,) you should be fine. Light lifting sessions could be beneficial, if not already a part of your program :smile:


Circa 5 stone lost here thereabouts, in 5 months, and I also have no saggy skin, I’m 41.

I do have a collection of vertical faintish skin stretch marks pretty much where I wear a belt, but I put that down to the countless years being overweight and sitting in bad posture positions with tight clothes, etc etc.

I’m very tall, so I think this does pretty much eliminate a lot of the saggy appearance thing - my weight has always been spread out over my body, I think it comes down to luck really.

Try not to worry about it too much.


Have a sensible plan. Your skin is pretty elastic, but give it a chance:

  • Aim to drop about 2-3% weight per month
  • Stay hydrated
  • Do some strength training

I’m 52 and have lost 60lb. I still have a little way to go, but there is no loose skin.

Be patient.


i do have a weight bench and a multi gym
i have not used it for a few years
what exercises would you recommend


I’ll just echo what others have said. I’m 51, lost around 75 pounds at a rate of 2 lbs/week and my skin was able to keep up. I drank lots of water and from day one included both cardio AND strength training in my exercise routine. For strength training you don’t need to hit it hard, but having some muscle tone under your skin helps it stay nice and taut. You’ve already made the commitment to better fitness so do it the best way possible! Good luck.

Read this post:


I’m a big fan of the Stronglifts app - give that a squiz. As for loose skin it’s all been said before. Don’t worry about it. Lose weight sensibly. Tone your body and your skin will rebound.