Sanny’s Weight Loss Diary


I’m keen on keeping a diary of my journey over the next few months. It’s something I did years ago on the money saving expert website when I got myself out of debt. Would it be ok to do it in this ‘Weightloss’ forum or is there another place in here that would be better?


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I have thought exactly the same!


Do it. Mine is over in the victory section, but I had lost a decent amount when I started it.

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Thanks guys.

I’m in the zone so I’ll get going on the diary.

I’m not one for commercialism but Nike really do have a great slogan.

Just Do It!

Here are a few ‘Before’ shots. It might not look like I need to lose too much but that polo and check shirt are both XXL! I get told often when I complain about being overweight that I’m fine the way I am, but that is far from the truth. I need to lose 3 stone.

I have not weighed myself in a long time because of my mental state but I need to get serious and do this. I’m 222lb as of this morning, I’m in my first MVF Group and in the zone. I’ve taken the tough decision to get back on the scales on a regular basis but I’ve also measured my chest (47 inches) and waist (44 inches).

This place is perfect for me to do this diary type thing so I hope you don’t mind me sharing with you. Please feel free to comment or point me in the right direction any time.

Let’s do it!


Good idea and good luck. If you do as well as Darren you will do well. I’ll keep and eye see how you are getting on

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I’m just getting this down before I forget.

Weight 218lb
Chest 46 3/4 inch
Waist 44 inch

I’ll come back later with my thoughts.

I’ve had a great few days but I’m struggling now.

I went to a friends place for dinner last night and my god, they put on a banquet. Naturally it would’ve been rude not to indulge. In fact it was almost overindulgence.

Today I woke up and began a bit of anxious freaking out which I put down to the shirt I picked out to wear. I wasn’t confident that it would fit and my old home insecurities came flooding back. I put the shirt on but it really drove me nuts all day. I was very self conscious. Not good.

Thankfully I didn’t fall into a binge but I really felt like saying £uck it and diving into the biscuits in the office kitchen.

I’m fighting anxiety right now.

I’m back.

I’m not in Oz any more. We moved back to Scotland a few weeks ago and while we are still settling in, my mind is, as always, thinking about weight loss.

I saw a psychologist about my eating at the end of last year and it helped enormously, so I have got a different outlook on the whole thing. The vicious diet cycle is still a recurring theme in my thoughts but I’m ready to make an effort to make a change for good.

I’ll be back on soon with an update.


I’ve been thinking about getting off the disaster-diet-disaster cycle. The time in my life when I felt best and didn’t have any cravings for junk was when I was off sugar completely. Have you quit Sugar?