Season 6 finale in Oldbury league



Well done to Samuel burns and Steven Leonard who achieved there 10% weight loss tonight. Great achievements both

Steven topped the weight loss top goalscorer league for the season and Samuel burns achieved the amazing loser title with an amazing 13.4kg weight loss

Well done to Piotr Koryl of real Madras and to Trevor fields of flabletico for achieving there 5% weight loss tonight

Shout outs from captains and vice captains both for this week and the whole season achievements

Porky blinders shout out for Chris for his delightful ‘dink’ goal. A Brilliant
League and special shout out to Steve Captain Fantastic for Flabletico

Flabletico Madrid Trev for his 5% tonight and the whole team for a fantastic season on and off the scales!

For cereal killers all of the lads all of them have done me proud and couldn’t ask for anymore from them If there was player of the season I would have to pick ste Leonard from
Flabletico and Sam burns from cereal killers both of them have smashed it on the scale and on the pitch

Real Madras piotr for hitting his 5% since Christmas and his commitment to team.
shout out of season to Paul rainbow for commitment and cycling from cape hill just to be there every week
Moldova, A few mentions; Bigz for top scorer on the pitch; Baz running a close 2nd with 3 goals tonight; Matt for awesome weightloss in half a season. Tom been a great help as Vice Captain, has had a good season on the pitch and has achieved some goals on weight loss.

If there was a player of season Porkies shout out for Steven Leonard⁩ led by example and captains the team like a leader always has the lads under control he always keeps them inline and fair

:clap:great words and respect shown across teams for achievements personal and as a team

Tonight the season came to a close and tomorrow we go into a nice 11aside game v Kidderminster league where we all come together as one team to celebrate achievements. The team made up mostly of players achieving 5% during the current season and as a well deserved recognition for weight loss top goalscorer the captains armband goes to Steven Leonard

The captaincy will be given to the weight loss top goalscorer as a recognition for achievements in the season when we play these 11aside games in the future as an added reward and incentive for recognition.

Other shout outs for the season and even longer to Neil Hodgetts who has been part of the league now for about 13 months and in that period has achieved 41.5kg weight loss and 31cm loss
Tremendous achievement consistently achieving on the scales and motivating by his achievements gets around the pitch well too :clap::clap:

Weight loss for season 192kg

Bayern munchies 6.6kg
Cereal killers 27.5kg
Flabletico Madrid 42.8kg
Ivory toast 8kg
Porky blinders 40kg
Real Madras 4kg
They think it’s moldova 21.4kg weight loss

Weight loss team of the season in reverse order

1/mark Greenwell 7.4kg weight loss
2/luke stamps 8kg weight loss
3/Matthew Maries 10kg weight loss, 5% achieved in 1st season.
4/Neil Hodgetts 10.5kg weight loss, another great season
5/Steven Leonard 11.4kg weight loss, his 10% and weight loss league winner and individual weight loss top goalscorer
6/Samuel burns 13.4kg weight loss, his 10% and amazing loser

Porky blinders took the final game of the night to seal the overall title from flabletico fine margins and well done to both teams for pushing each other to achieve.

Porky blinders overall league winners
Flabletico Madrid weight loss league winners

Also mention to cereal killers captained by ash Cockbill new team this season lots of new players and 3rd on overall and pitch leagues and 2nd on the scales league

Finally no bring a friend next week it’s straight into new season registration so 8pm meet in multi purpose room. New weigh in, new waist new books and new season photos.

As a motivation to keep you on track there are bonus goals which will be awarded in week 1 for players to achieve. Stay the same as last weigh in or lose and you earn extra goals in week 1. 3 players=1 goal, 6 players =2 goals and 7 plus is 3.

Motivation on offer to not undo your progress and then battle back and rechange habits again.


Well done Sam, great achievement!