Season 6



Season 6 Ipswich

Wow what a season it has been at Ipswich. Every league has been hotly contested and there has been some fantastic weight losses!

The high point of this season must be how well the new players have done so I will name and not shame the big winners of this season.

Take a bow…

Paul bailey (10.66 %)

Nic Westren (9.07)%

Dean Smy (7.82 %)

Sandro Soares (6.45%)

Paul Goodchild (8.65%)

Kieran Margetson (6.67%)

Stephen Warren (8.71 %)

Scott Falteisek (8.14%)

Ipswich Manvfat continues to improve the general health of our members which benefits both our physical well being and mental heath.

We are now into the 4 week cup competition which is open for grabs, so keep up the good work guys and congratulations on your efforts so far