Season 7 week 2 numbers hit by Friday night TV game but still great results and football



Weight loss for the season up to 116kg at week 2

Bayern munchies 14.4kg lost
Flabletico Madrid 21.4kg lost
Ivory toast 21.2kg lost
Porky blinders 30.9kg lost
Real Madras 12.4kg lost
Snackrington Stanley 15.8kg lost

Each player has been paired up with a team mate for a pairs cup weight loss challenge with the aim to help sharing support and driving some weight loss results to help you and your team on game day.

In week 1 some notable pairs losses.
Bayern munchies - Jamie and Chris with a combined 5.6kg
Flabletico - Paul and Steve with a combined 3.2kg
Porky blinders - bill and ade with a combined 3kg
Real Madras - dan and mike 3kg weight loss, Nik and Matt with a combined 1.8kg and Lewis and Paul with a combined 2.1kg
Snackrington Stanley- dan and dan with a combined 4,2kg weight loss.

Keep sharing and supporting your pair and wider team it really helps especially as this week ahead sees the first opportunity for a hattrick goal if you attended registration and lost in week 1 and 2

Shout out from captains and vice captains for another good week on and off scales

Flabletico - Lee, solid performance on the pitch and a goal

Real Madras - Mike for madras massive loss and a solid performance at the back

Ivory toast - All the team for toast no subs so made to push hard and helping us out and keeping us in the game Nathan Bevin

Porky blinders Bill for two brilliant goals, good all round performance from the team.

Snackrington Stanley - Dan Cox for Snackrington. He’s made a great start to MvF and fits right into the team.

Bayern munchies - Jay for munchies great weight loss :+1::+1:

I had the opportunity during conversations
to ask what could you do differently for the week ahead and here’s couple of examples that might help you

Less takeaways
Less biscuits in house
Online shop to avoid snacking aisles
Make time to batch cook
Reduce bread intake
Increase exercise