Season 8 ends in Oldbury onto season 9 next week

Real madras headline the season with achievements with Dan Hickman achieving amazing loser with 13.1% loss and a healthy bmi bracket and Kevin Randle winning weight loss top goalscorer for contributing the most weigh loss goals in a season for his team and also the highest kg loss. Both players also hitting 10% losses over the season.

Real madras won the scales league with a 74.8kg total weight loss over the season
9 x 5% and 2 x 10%s and 1 healthy bmi
21 hattricks achieved over the season also the team now with the lowest combined bmi across the league great effort and great season.

This alongside the team efforts on the pitch help the team to the overall pitch and scales league. Well done great personal and team achievement by all.

To cap off a great season real madras also contested the cup final against last seasons cup holders ivory toast with the cup won by real madras with a 2 goal victory on pitch and 2 goal victory on scales aswell to take league and cup double.

Next week is registration night for the new season in the big room and details will be posted on the broadcast group and through captains but I will arrive from 8pm so start to arrive from 8.10 onwards.
There will be a relax in efforts naturally but don’t overdue it as difficult to turn mentality and habits on and off.

Weight loss by team for season
Bayern munchies 8.9kg
Inter losing weight 15.7kg
Ivory toast 20.2kg
Porky blinders 31.7kg
Real madras 74.8kg
Snackrington Stanley 18.2kg

5% roll cal
Bayern munchies - ash Cockbill
Inter losing weight - mark Greenwell
Ivory toast - ash white and lee Burgess
Porky blinders - Ade wall Hayes, mark Piggott, Neil hodgetts, paul Gouldingay and suky Singh
Real madras - Adam Tallack, Dan Hickman, Kev Randle, Kieran Harper, Mike Mitchell, paul rainbow, rich Davies, Sean derrington and Stu leaver
Snackrington Stanley - Dan Cox and Matthew Maries

Weight loss team of the week
1/suky Singh and Mike Mitchell 1kg loss
2/Adam Tallack 1.2kg loss
3/Lee burgess 1.2kg loss
4/mark Ingram 1.2kg loss
5/Jaydon Hadley 1.5kg loss
6/Ryan Sherwood 2.2kg loss

Weight loss team of season with kg lost

Captains shout outs for week and season

Ivory toast lee Burgess all season outstanding but all the team on the pitch really proud to play with them all.
Real madras Dan Two goals and great leadership. Great team effort all season with special mention Kev for amazing weight loss and 10%.
Bayern munchies Everybody for the munchies and especially me for my first clean sheet of the season​:clap::clap:bring on the new season

Porky blinders Ade WH for his efforts tonight and all season puts everything in on and off the pitch

Inter losing weight good loss on scales tonight for Ryan and overall season mark and paul with good losses on scales
Snackrington Stanley great season again for matthew Maries