Season 8 week 7 Oldbury league

Tonight sees our first 10% of the season and a big well done to Kevin Randle of real madras great achievement and even an injury last couple of weeks not stopped his focus and efforts to achieve for himself and team.

Also a big well done to Neil Hodgetts Captain of porky blinders on his 5% achieved today on top of a hattrick and also well done to Kieran Harper of real madras on his 5% achievements.

Tonight also saw 8 hattricks.

A mixture of gains and losses as still in holiday period and a bank holiday weekend since last weigh in but still some great achievements

Weight loss by team
Bayern munchies 16.5kg loss for season and -0.7kg for week
Inter losing weight 20.9kg loss for season and 2.4kg for the week
Ivory toast 14.5kg for season and -4.1kg for week
Porky blinders 44.4kg for season and -1.4kg for week
Real madras 64kg loss for season and 7.5kg for week
Snackrington Stanley 20.8kg loss for season and -7.2kg for week

Weigh loss team of the week in reverse order
1/Robert page 1.5kg loss
2/Neil Hodgetts 1.5kg loss
3/Kevin Randle 1.6kg loss
4/Kieran Harper 1.8kg loss
5/Jaydon Hadley 2kg loss
6/mark Greenwell 2.4kg loss

At end of week 7 we have the following all achieving 5% so far well done great achievements

Bayern munchies ash Cockbill
Inter losing weight mark Greenwell
Porky blinders Adrian wall Hayes,Ben Farnsworth and Neil Hodgetts
Real madras adam Tallack, Dan Hickman, Kevin Randle, Kieran Harper, Mike Mitchell, Paul rainbow, richard Davies and Stuart leaver a great effort guys well done :clap:
Snackrington Stanley Daniel cox and Matthew Maries

Well done all still 7 weeks to achieve
Weight loss pairs next round sees
Kev and Piotr vs Neil H and Tony
Daryl,Stu and rich vs Paul r and Sean d
3 out of 4 partnerships for madras

Weight loss goals in an individual game top highlights of season
14 for real madras v ivory toast tonight
12 for porky blinders v real madras week 6
11 for real madras v snackrington week 4
10 for real madras v Bayern munchies week 5

With 3 league games remaining next week sees first v second with madras v inter losing weight
Real madras need 1 more positive scale result to secure the scales league after a great season
Captains shout outs for the week :

Mo for Inter, great defensive display and a wonderful goal to top off the game

Porky blinders Mark for his weight loss this week. Superb and consistent

The whole team for Snackinton, a great team performance on the pitch

Toast going with Luke and lee solid at the back lee got a goal too and good team play for the win

Kev for real madras 10% out injured fantastic stuff
Bayern munchies Robert for an outstanding game tonight and Aaron for his first goal of the season :call_me_hand:

Final thought for week, if you didn’t get the result you hoped for this week what can you do differently next week. If you need a chat in week let me know we can utilise the aqa time for some ten minute 1-2-1 chats to help for remainder of season