Sense and sensibility in weight loss

Being awarded my 3 year anniversary badge this week reminded that I’ve been involved with MVF now since before the nation voted in the referendum and just as the daily news stories make it feel like Brexit has been around forever I have to really think hard to go back to life before weight loss.
As those that have been around a while will know I started as a player in the very first Bridgwater MAN v FAT Football league in May 2016 and then moved on to a coaching role in the September so there aren’t many that have been around MvFF for longer, although.obviously I doff my cap to the legendary @Hollywood and the original Fox Hollies guys :grinning: who kicked it all off.
In that time I’ve helped hundreds of guys lose tonnes and tonnes of weight between them but one theme I’ve seen time and time again is how players that have worked hard to lose weight and works towards, and then hit, their own personal targets sometimes lose track of the lessons learned along the way.
That might be someone who has left the league because they were happy with their progress only to realise that their focus may not always stay they same and the bad habits have crept back in to guys that allow the football to take priority or even guys that have done really well but then almost “over-focus”(I know that’s not a word :joy:) and and again lose track of some of the sensible lessons learned along the way.
Now we are always going to be here for overweight and obese men so are never going to refuse anyone the right to come back and jump back on the wagon if they have fallen off and we never throw anyone out of MvFF for achieving their goals and the maintenance scoring system still rewards continued focus to help keep focus on remaining under the magical 25 BMI mark. We have an enormous wealth of experience and knowledge within our fantastic network of coaches and the thousands of guys that use this forum that really will have seen most things. I would strongly advise anyone to check out anything written by @maxnas amongst others but also want to say that one thing I always come back to and that is the subject of personal responsibility.
We all know why we get too big, too unfit, too heavy etc and starting this incredible journey means different things for different people but ultimately we are the ones responsible for our actions. Anyone who has ever had the dubious honour of having me harp on any this will be sick of 2 particular phrases that I use over and over again… The first being the good old CALORIE DEFICIT and the second being SUSTAINABLE LIFESTYLE.
Put quite simply to lose weight we need to create a calorie deficit and to keep that weight off and remain healthy long term we need to do it in a way that’s sustainable. Everyone that’s taken part in an MvFF league will know at least one person that has lost a shit load of weight by eating virtually bugger all over a period of time. Did doing it score loads of bonus goals or help the team win the league, very possibly. Is it sustainable to living a healthy life, definitely not.
We all want to be our best, even if sometimes we don’t even know what that is yet but the beauty for me of MvF compared to other weight loss groups/supplement producers etc is we want each and every person involved to live a lighter, fitter and healthier life… for their whole life, not just till the end of the next season or until they decide to move on and doing unhealthy things to achieve a short term goal simply is not sustainable in the long run. It’s gotta be much better to take regular steps to assess where you are, what you’re doing and the impact it might be having on you.
The amazing thing we have in common in this crazy world that is MvF, no matter where in the world we are, is that we know how it feels to want that lighter, fitter and healthier life I mention above. Sometimes though we might need a pointer in the right direction or a kick up the arse or even a physical or metaphorical shoulder to cry on and that’s also why we are here so don’t shy away from using us/each other but also don’t forget that responsibility we each have for ourselves too.


Literally just talking to @maxnas about this in our staff chat and realigning goals.

So important as you say to transition in a sense from diet for weight loss (effectively a controlled anorexia state as my GP described it just this week i.e. calorie deficit ) to a livable maintanance, whereby we can live a fulfilled life with minimal yo-yoing, which puts strain on internal organs (again according to my GP)

Important to remember also that with busy, crazy lives making more sensible lifestyle choices helps us to navigate the lumps and bumps the world throws at us and resilience in all things nutrition and diet is important to keep ‘on the wagon’. I personally would describe myself as a recovering fat bloke, but this doesn’t get as much though as other addictive/destructive behaviours due to obesity being more socially acceptable.

A great post @smithr82 Lots to think about for our MvF Cardiff guys, lots of whom are now getting to the stage where they reassess goals and lifestyle.


I’m curious as to the long-term success others here have experienced. The stats suggest that, overall, only 2 to 5 percent maintain a loss after five years. I’m almost at the eight year mark.
Probably five pounds of my current weight is loose, excess skin. Not enough for me to need surgical correction, but it’s a bloody nuisance.

Yep, this is exactly why education & learning to develop habits/skills are so important, so by the time you get to where you want to be, you’re a different person who has the habits/skills to maintain a healthy lifestyle, as opposed to simply crash dieting & not learning how to live for the long term