Shin splints


Pretty much as the title really,
Anybody got any helpful tips on sorting the buggers out?

I upped my evening walking distances recently from around 9km a day to closer to 20km whilst i had a bit of free time and you guessed it, it seems to have brought on the splints. I have some serious hiking planned for later this year, in a month im doing a shortish one at 22km then a week later around 28km and in 87 days im doing the national 3 peaks at around 50km over 24hrs. So the walking is needed to get the weight off and the leg condition up but right now it’s painful to get going on a walk.

So any tips are more than welcome.

Tia guys


For me it is getting the right footwear. I’ve recently changed my running trainers to new balance and don’t get them now.
May want to get your gait looked at too to make sure you get the right support


Most likley this right here mate, big sudden change to activity that the muscles aren’t yet used to performing &/or recovering from


Yeah i guessed it was mate but unfortunately my mind,legs and lungs seemed to think i was ready. I had a fair bit of free time so took advantage of it (whilst also allowing me to enjoy a bit more easter food) it felt fine at the time but obviously it was a case of too much too soon.

Hey ho that’s life, I will have to focus on less distance and swap over to something else to keep burning those calories for a while.

Now do you understand the need to burn off those calories, the mother in law does make a mean cake or three :wink: