Should food packaging tell you how much exercise you'd need to do to burn it off?

This was in the news yesterday:

"Food packs should display how much exercise a person would need to take to burn off the calories contained in the product, UK researchers say.

Appreciating it would take four hours to walk off the calories in a pizza or 22 minutes to run off a chocolate bar creates an awareness of the energy cost of food, they say.

The labels would help people indulge less, exploratory studies suggest.

The aim is to encourage healthier eating habits to fight obesity."

I’m intrigued as to what you guys think, I can’t imagine it actually happening but it’s interesting to consider. What do you think?

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For people counting calories/dieting it would be good to know how much you would need to exercise to burn off certain foodstuffs. From a company/business standpoint it wouldn’t be so good as they obviously want you to indulge in their food items because it makes them more money.

Another thing to think about though is people with anorexia or an eating disorder, giving those people too much information could further play on their anxiety and stop them from eating something they might otherwise enjoy.

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It demonises food in my opinion, a caloric amount is sufficient.


Personally I think this is ridiculous, it’s extremely inaccurate person to person & will create a bad relationship with food & induce guilt for tons of people


Agree. Im NO expert but even i kno that u need calories just 2 exist even if u didnt move a muscle. Then if u add up the cals u burn just going about ur daily business. So no…u dont need 2 ‘earn’ every single calorie thru formal exercise omg thats not how food works :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Yes, I didn’t even consider people with eating disorders but you’re absolutely right - it would be so triggering.

What they actually need to do first of all is wherever a healthy / light version of a product can be made, simply stop making the other versions.

‘Oh but I don’t like the light version of that mayonnaise’ - mate, you’ll get used to it, in the same way that cornflakes taste completely different to 30 years ago.

This would lead to an environmental disaster. To list the exercise/time/weight to cover everybody (you’d have to to make it relevant) the packaging would be huge.

For walking alone, you would have to consider every weight possible at every speed possible. At a fast pace it takes me approx 40 mins to burn off 200 cals, my wife would only burn about 120 of them in the same time.

Just look at the cals and look at yourself and what exercise you do and then decide.

Educate yourself.