Signed up to new St Helen's league


I’ve just signed up to the st Helen’s league, when will it realistically start and should I sign up so where else?


Hi @lecurie - There’s 7 players registered for St Helens, we can launch a league with a minimum of 30 players. Please make sure you are promoting this as much as you can, also have a read on this thread as well:-


Ok, can I transfer leagues to the Wigan one?


If I Sign for the St Helens league can I play in a different league ie Leigh.?

Can anyone give an update on how many are signed up for the St Helens league please.


Ive started playing in the liverpool league, theres a couple of us from Sthelens, im really enjoying it here!


It would be nice to have a local league in St. Helens, I’m thinking of joining Leigh…


I dont think the sthelens one will be starting soon, the liverpool one is well established