Significant, rapid weightloss


Hey Gents,

Just joined, first post. I’ve read a lot recently that 10% rapid weight loss has a really positive on organs like heart, liver, pancreas. I’m struggling with afib, anyone in the same boat and had good results?


Any weight loss (for the overweight) has positive effect on health all round. The problem with rapid weight loss, and I speak from bitter experience here, is that it can be just temporary and a bounce-back often happens.


Go for 2-3% per month. Make sure you drink plenty. You need to give yourself time to learn the new good habits, or as @JIL says you’ll bounce back and probably put weight on.

The other thing to consider is that if you lose weight rapidly, you’re skin won’t have time to adjust so you’ll have loose skin, too.

  • 2-3% per month
  • Let your mind adjust
  • Let your body adjust
  • Long term, sustainable weight loss


Thanks all. I understand your comments and know traditional thinking is that rapid weight loss = rapid re-gain. Does seem though that there is a lot more recent thinking which suggests that the results from rapid loss may well be more motivating and therefore more sustainable in the long run.

I guess what I’m looking for is anyone who’s seen some significant medical benefits (other than just weighing less!).



Have a read of the amazing losers section of the main site, there are lots of different stories in there from guys who have lost a lot of weight and seen the health benefits.


I know people who reversed their diabetes.

I don’t buy into the thought of rapid, quick fix weightloss.

You didn’t gain it rapidly, why expect to lose it so quick?

Add the risk of gallstones to the list above.


I’ve lost 4 stone since last June. I had a hba1c count of 44 then (pre-diabetic) and it’s now down to 33, well within the normal range. I’m also an AF sufferer and have had 2 ablations. My flutters and the like are reducing.