Simple Chilli Chicken

I love indian/Chinese food and have been enjoying this recipe for a while. It’s available on most indian desi pub menus. It’s typically classed as indo chinese, and the chicken coated in a light batter, however I don’t batter mine at all.

Thought I would share anyway… Haven’t worked out calorie count but it’s free on SW.


2 Peppers
1 Onion
Chicken Breast
Tomato Puree - Two Tablespoons
Chilli - two teaspoons (lazy chilli) or as much as you can come with
Garlic - One teaspoon (lazy garlic) or 3 cloves to taste.
Light Soy - 2 Table spoons
Dark Soy - " "
Frylight - Low cal spray
100ml boiling water

Method (15 minutes max) :

Brown off chicken with peppers and onions using frylight , make sure to season the chicken whilst cooking. Once cooked leave to one side.

In a hot pan , toast off the garlic and chilli and add the puree , soy sauces and around 100ml of boiling water. Stir round and reduce the heat so the liquid mixture starts to simmer. Wait for this to reduce so that the sauce starts to glaze and become stick.

Add back in your chicken peppers and onion and coat with the sauce. Service with your choice of rice.


Anyone tried this yet? Thoughts/changes?

This sounds great, I’m definitely going to add it to my meal plan for next week, although I’m trying to go veggie so will give it a go with tofu. I shall report back!

Interesting change, sure it will still work though. Cooked it for my other half again last week but shes cutting carbs for a few weeks so she had it with cauliflower rice. :frowning:

I’ve found that Chinese-style recipes work really well with tofu - I’ve got peanut butter and sesame tofu prepped and ready to go for later, which is one of my go-to recipes:

I tend to change up the quantities depending on how many WW points I want to spend and I have it with lots of roasted broccoli, carrots and stir-fry veg and either sushi rice or noodles.

Hungry now! Is half 10 too early to have my dinner? :smile:

Maybe slightly early hah!

I’ll have a look at the recipe too thanks

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Cooked it again tonight , this time with cauliflower rice


Nice, what was the cauli rice like?

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It’s not too bad to be honest, once covered in the sauce anyway.

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