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Sorry if i put this in the wrong place its mpre about a website problem then u kno m v f the actual football class.
Just like what happens if u need 2 ask @admin ppl question, sorry if i ’ @ ’ the wrong ppl thank u

Hi @Biffa94 - When you join up to a league, you are assigned to a team by your coach. Once you have your first session, your measurements are taken and then you play a 28 minute match, 6 a side. Is that the information that you are after?

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If you want to message an admin go to their profile and message that way. If you want to tag them @admin @mikechristopher or @emma1 or even @Andy_Gallon and someone will sort you out. Football wise it’s this man :point_up_2:t2:

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Ok cheers :slight_smile:

Aye i heard about how theres different teams n that. The thing what it is, am actually startin 2day with my advisor about budgetting so i can get ontop of it so am hoping i will find the way at last. Worst thing was i been here before when i put me telly in cash converters thinkin id pay the entry fee but it got swalloed up by other debts, typical eh haha
Also i been told i dont hav 2 get told my measurements at 1st if i dont want?
Thank u

Hi @Biffa94 - your coach will help with any insecurities you will have, if you wanted to be weighed privately, or not have your data told to you, just logged on the system and on your handbook, that’s perfectly fine. Which league are you signed into, currently? If you need any assistance, it might be better to email to for privacy.

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Ah thats good 2 kno, i thought that was it :slight_smile: am not signed in a league yet i was just explaining since u askd about it. As i say, am gonna get the budget situation sorted cos id b gutted if i got chucked out for missing a payment n whateva. Iv been here a year or so but am hopeful 1day i will do it. Just hope i dinnit lose Too much weight b4 i get in hahaha

Did you check if there was a few. Isn’t there free leagues here

Well i defo b on the look out if they set up a new 1 in the area free good thinkin. Its free when it 1st get set up

Im so sorry if i done something wrong i really am

You haven’t.

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