Anybody else suffer with sleep?

I do massively,

I do all the ‘top tips’

cool room, no bluelight after x o’clock, no phone/social media, blacked out room, etc etc

But I still get a shitty sleep most nights?

Anyone else conquered this?

Any tips that worked for you?

It defo messes with my engergy = training = diet etc



It’s interesting that you raised this. I have sleep problems and it’s rare that I sleep through the night. It’s something I believe has a really strong link to weight issues.

I can’t really suggest much that you aren’t already trying - sounds like you are doing all the right things.

I think reading before you go to sleep can help, Maybe try one of the meditation apps?

Walking - as much as you can fit in during the day?

I think perhaps the best advice I can offer is not to stress too much about it - just find stuff you enjoy that relaxes you.

Sleep apnea (check spelling) might be worth looking into as I think it can be a common disruptor.


You know what mate, I think you just hit the nail on the head = stress!


I have ‘survived’ on about 6 hours a night for years. Normal is going to bed at 1am, 2am.
Then once in a blue moon, bang! out for the count at 8pm.
Once the head does hit the pillow though, out fast in a bout 30 seconds.


I have had two terrible nights.

I go to ‘sleep’ then wake up numerous times in the nigh each time feeling like if I wanted to I could be wide awake.

When the alarm goes off I feel as if I haven’t slept at all.


11pm-7.30am most nights for me fine, tend to wake up a couple of times but never struggle to get up.

Guess I’m lucky!


Without wanting to be seen as a clown or joker. What about masturbation? The sence of relaxation once you have ‘finished’ would surely help you nod off.

Alternatively when I struggle to sleep I switch off by choosing random questions to myself where I must give 100 answers to. So for example ‘name past and present Liverpool players’ or ‘name as many only fools and horses characters’ and aim for 100 and 8/10 I’m sleeping before I get to 100. Works for me!


Do you use any sleep supplements? Magnesium is especially good I take bundles of that. On any given day I’m around 70% magnesium.


my sleep has improved a lot and i’m getting around 8 hours i am more focused on my diet and I think that is helping a lot.

trying not to come out of the routine too much at the weekend is great help as well.


I bought a decent mattress! My sleep quality changed almost overnight.

I bought a Leesa and people asked me if it was comfortable, and I didn’t really know what to tell them; I wasn’t awake long enough to form an opinion haha.


This is a big one for me.

If I disrupt my sleep pattern over the weekend, it takes forever to get it back into the normal 10pm - 6am routine.

I stopped drinking coffee and anything with caffeine at Christmas and found this has helped me get to sleep a lot quicker than I used to. If I do relapse and have caffeine during the day, it takes me forever to get to sleep that night.

Hope you can sort your problem, @maxnas, nothing worse than a bad night’s sleep.