Smart watch is it needed? suggestions?


I’ve been thinking of getting a smartwatch because I want to start lose weight.
I saw an article but I just can’t paste it now, and I was thinking if this is what I really need, or do I really need it?
For those who are trying to lose weight, would having a smart watch
help? If yes, any suggestions?

Your thoughts are appreciated.
Thank you.

In my opinion the only device that helped me lose weight was the food weighing scales. Getting my portion control right meant less calories going in versus calories spent, created a deficit and the weight come off.

Ok i do have a watch but I bought this once i graduated on the couch to 5k app. That was my reward for success but before that I just used my phone for running and walking stats.

I still wear one now it’s the Huawei band 2 costs about £35 and it has GPS tracking. It’s basic, it didn’t break the bank and it meets my exercise needs. I had a Fitbit worth 5 times the Huawei before which did the same functions but the GPS was shocking. I hope that helps👍

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No, a smart watch won’t help you lose weight.

It will help to track your activity, and that will help you to get stronger and fitter. But I’ve been overtaken by enough fat blokes on Parkrun to know that you can achieve a level of fitness and still be carrying too much weight.

So, if you’re going to be more active, and you want to monitor that improvement then get a watch. Otherwise, it’s the boring old “eat less, eat better” trope.

DISCLOSURE: I use a Garmin Forerunner 235, and I think it’s bloody marvellous.

I found when I got a Fitbit it made me get off my arse more. All I was doing was aiming for the 10k steps. It’s helped me in that regards but not what I put in my mouth.