So 12 weeks since I decided to lose weight


14th Aug discover I have peaked at 125.5kg.
Nearly 20 stone. Over 2 stone heavier than I thought.

In 5 weeks, lose 4.9kg… but sign up for ManvFat.

The next 7 weeks… 10.8kg lost. But 1 week can be ignored, broke my ribs, still lost 0.2kg that week but really not a reflection of any other week.

What else?
Matchday 1: couldn’t even survive until halftime. Angry with myself, fitness poor.
Matchday 2: last entire match
Matchday 3: last match, break 3 ribs in first half but carry on to finish the match
You get the drift…

I now pedal the exercise bike for an hour at a time, all the while belting out karaoke efforts. All without losing breath. A treadmill is being delivered today.

Thank you with the journey so far. What I hoped to achieve by April, I will have almost done by Christmas. It’s astonishing how easy it has been.
A picture tells a 1000 words. These 2 faces are 1 year apart.

15.7kg in 12 weeks. That’s over 34lbs already.

Just signed up! Eastbourne
MAN v FAT Football Kensington League

Well done. You look like a new man. Keep it up and proof this system works


Wow! Congratulations Darren that’s brilliant work. The pictures are almost amazing enough to distract from the suit :wink:


It was Halloween & I work within a care home environment. You should see my Christmas suits. :joy::joy::joy:

Facebook naturally gave me the 1 year ago reminder. What a difference.

Gave up smoking in May so 2 massive challenges tackled this year.


Blimey, to do both is a real achievement, great stuff!


Wow @Darren_Welch, that is fantastic. Congrats on both fronts! I wonder what your thoughts are on how your mindset changed from the 5 weeks losing 4.9 kg to the 7 weeks losing 10.8 kg. I am trying to change from the thought that not gaining is good enough to really making the scales move. For all of my groups so far, losing has been slow, but I have been really happy that I have not gone back up to my starting weight, which I am sure would have happened without the groups. I’ve done it a million times. But now, still needing to lose a lot of weight, I am struggling to get into the mindset of working hard and really losing the weight. Any suggestions or experiences you can share?
Again, really amazing great work!
Bryan B


If you saw my diet you would be surprised in some parts of it. The key for me is not feeling deprived of anything. I am eating food I like. I don’t like cabbage, brussels, swede, turnips for example. But I do like mushrooms, peppers, carrots, peas.

Chocolate? 2 finger Kit Kat.
Crisps? Space Raiders, Frazzles, Walkers Baked.
Lots of chicken, rice.
Lots of Ryvita, lots of salad.
No potatoes, bread maybe twice a week.

On work days I either have a weightwatcher ready meal as somebody has done the work with portion size & calories, or I take a home prepared salad. Half a kilo of the stuff. Lettuce, spinach, cucumber, peppers, gherkin, jalapenos, onions, tomatoes, beetroot. You name it, it’s in the salad. Bit of chicken or wafer thin ham (3 slices is about 35 calories).

But in the evening, we cook. Most of the time it’s chicken, peppers, mushrooms, some chilli flakes.
But it can be varied up as chicken tikka for example.
Other nights, we make vegetable lasagne, or a stir fry. Cut out the pasta, replace with butternut squash lasagne sheets or spaghetti made of carrots, courgette or butternut. Trust me, it tastes nice.

Lots of water, 2-3 litres a day.

Calories for the day = 1500 target.
Any exercise earns extra calories.

This morning I burnt 466 on the bike so today I am allowed 1966. I won’t use them all but it means I am not worried about going hungry or making the right food choices.

I have had today:
granola with a banana & milk 400 calories
packet of Space Raiders 58 calories
home made chicken & veg curry 300 calories
2 finger Kit Kat 105 calories
Packet of Walkers Baked 109 calories
A Clementine 35 calories

So approx 1000 calories. As you can see, far from clean healthy eating. But I am not going hungry and still losing weight.

But I still have over 900 to play with because of exercise. With an evening exercise session & a dog walk to go.

Getting back into playing football, got me back into exercise. Our fitness guru Adds has been great to talk to & he posts stuff on his Facebook page. Funny that quite often it’s stuff I already do but I have also nicked loads of his advice.

7 weighins with manvfat:
lost 1kg
lost 3kg :astonished:
lost 0.2kg (broke ribs that week)
lost 2.6kg :astonished:
lost 0.8kg (went on the piss Friday night before)
lost 1.6kg
lost 1.6kg

I know I am lucky to find it so easy, but you also get out what you put in.


Thanks man, I appreciate all the details and attention you put into your reply. The 1500 cals is definitely what I needed to see, too. I think that is around what I need as well when I don’t exercise, but all the calorie calculators put me at like 2000 which I KNOW will cause me to gain like crazy.

You get out what you put in…great way to think. It’s going on my fridge.

Thanks again,



No problem. Not saying my way is perfect.

But it is working for me & working well.

To quote our fitness guru, I am doing better than some of his private clients… :grin:


You BROKE three ribs and carried on?!?!


There’s a hell of a difference in those pictures, well done! Keep it up!


Probably the initial impact swelling meant it didn’t seem so serious.

Missed 2 weeks of matches after that, weeks 4 & 5 but was back with vengeance on week 6.

To highlight another milestone, some of the lads from our league have a kick around on a Thursday night on a hired 3G pitch.

Went for the first time last night. That hour blew a lot of cobwebs away. Finally saw just how much pace I have… now if the football skills could just return :joy::joy::joy:


Awesome work dude


Cheers for all the comments.

It’s slowed up the past 2 weeks, 0.6kg on both weeks.

So we are currently trying a ‘dirty start’ to the week with a few extra calories to try (4500 over mon/tues instead of the usual 3000 for those 2 days) & trick the body that all is well, if that makes sense.


How’s your water consumption? For a week really try and hit 2 litres a day as that can make a big difference to the way you’re feeling.

Also - don’t beat yourself up - you’re massively down this season and with more positivity you’ll smash even more weight.


Water consumption? About 4 to 5 litres a day!
A lot, but if I am thirsty I drink…
Been peeing just as much too. :joy::joy::joy:
Adds said last night I need to drop the consumption to about half as much…


WHAT a transformation! Big congratulations to you and keep it up! :grinning:


Just an update. Adds suggested I needed to up the calories a little. And drop the water consumption.

So in a week that has seen 3 lots of cake (not sure he meant to eat cake :joy:), a couple of lots of bacon, a meal out with the missus where I had fried chicken as a starter followed by steak & chips… Basically I have had 8 days of 1500 calorie content in 6 days.

Yet I am at my lowest morning weight ever.
Which is 1.6kg down on the last weighin.


Amazing! Well done Darren.


So after tonight’s weighin,

Started at 125.5kg.
Joined ManvFat 120.6kg
Now 106.7kg

Excuse the mince pies, it’s a festive refeed tonight & tomorrow. Everything in moderation. :grin:

I look ill in the left picture, that was only September.
I know this as it was taken at my sister’s, the night before our brother’s funeral.

For those of you who will be at St George’s Park, I will be there as part of the Newcastle team. As we have been allocated claret & blue, I will be the chap with ‘RIP BROTHER’ for the shirt name.

Just seemed to be a fitting tribute that MvF have kindly agreed to. :+1:


It’s a lovely gesture from you, but I tell you the tribute that means the most - 15kg of fat gone. You’re adding years to your life and life to your years - that means a heck of a lot. Good on you (now walk away from the mince pies).