So 12 weeks since I decided to lose weight


Well, world cup weekend has given me ample chance to pedal.

Not as much as the past 2 weekends but will have done 3 and a half hours still. Also not as many calories as last weekend, unsurprisingly.
(Still about 4500 for the weekend though!)


Disappointing weighin for me tonight. Ignoring the politics behind it, that I have already made a complaint about, officially stayed the same.

Had a late lunch at 2.30pm, early match so early weighin which I had to arrive even earlier for as I needed to skip the match to go to hospital with the pregnant one…

Fast forward to now and I am sitting here after eating dinner and still half a kilo lighter than at the weighin. Thus proving weighins can be a farce.

If any of you reading this are at St George’s Park at the end of the month… Was going to reuse last year’s shirt originally but decided RIP BROTHER has had its time; ironically the weekend just gone was the one year anniversary of my younger brother’s death.

This year, I’ll be :joy::joy::joy: the skinny sod :joy::joy::joy: with a shirt saying ‘BABY DUE AUG 2018’.


Threw some toys out of the pram, built a bridge and got over it.

Looking good for weight loss going into the weekend, 1.4kg down already.

Yeah, we have the weight loss mojo back after a small blip.


The weight loss is on fire this week. Yes it’s a morning weight but it’s the first time since I started this last year that I have gone sub 100kg.

@Alex_PN @StevenHaley BOOM!!! :grin::grin::grin:



Immense work young man! Congrats!


Targets have slipped slightly. Well quite a bit.

95kg in 3 weeks, need 4.3kg @ 1.43kg a week.
88.9kg in 9 weeks, need 10.4kg @ 1.15kg a week.

But with the way this current week is going, considering Monday night’s weighin was 101.8kg, anything is possible!


That’s such an achievement - well done Darren!


Cheers Shan.

And just to rubber-stamp things. It was officially a 1.6kg loss for the evening weight (obviously a bit higher as I eat food lol).

Quite shocked to post that sort of figure this far into things!


In a strange league this season.

We are one of 3 teams sharing the lead after 6 games (behind on goal difference).

We have lost all 6 on pitch only.
We have won all 6 on weightloss only.

Weightloss matters. :+1:


In other news, on the 2nd Aug, we should find out exsctly when our little bundle joy will be arriving… Yep, she’s gonna be early…

Oh and weighed myself this evening. Another decent week is on the cards, as long as I have a sensible weekend, as the evening weight has crashed below 100kg too :slight_smile:

One more thing: my Facebook memories this week seem to have been full of posts of myself boasting about some diet I went on 5 years ago. It couldn’t have lasted long as I don’t even remember it. What I have been doing the past 10 months is a millions miles away from then.

If you doubt you can do it, ignore those doubts. I didn’t know how far I would get but I have loved every minute of doing it & anybody else can do exactly the same. Plan it, discipline yourself & you will keep the motivation going, as the biggest motivation is seeing that weight drop.

Busy weekend, down to Kent briefly saturday & an interview for a new job on sunday - so I will be back on here during the week. 2 weeks to St George’s Park too - blimey!


There you go, at my sister’s, the difference in 10 months:




There’s a big chin difference!


I’m also becoming aware that the XL size I was happy to get back to is becoming increasingly baggy… They still look ok on at the moment but there’s a lot more room… Gonna order a couple of size L Nike tops from Amazon just to see how snug they are or not. I reckon before September I will be flogging all the XL off on eBay or something. :joy::joy::joy:


PLANNING…as you obviously do with your upcoming meals just HAS to be a key thing to gain from your updates @Darren_Welch. First, if one doesn’t fill food cupboard with biscuits and crisps so theyre not immediately available when you get the munchies…Second, as you do it’s having the healthy meal available to hand (preplanning) to get stuck into when you’re ready to munch.

…and healthy eating can, as you say, be way cheaper.


Love this. I don’t know why but sometimes people seem to think that I must be unhappy with this new lifestyle; like I am missing out on stuff or restricting myself for not having that 2,000 cal curry washed down with another 1,000 cal of beer. Yes, I don’t do that now, but am I missing out on anything? No - I am much happier now. Maybe some people don’t want to see it. Out of my group of current friends (people come and go a lot here), I have gone from the heaviest to maybe the second lightest.


No, I have munchies.

Space Raiders, Fibre One bars, Alpen bars, easy peel citrus, Halo Top/Breyers ice cream & other yummy stuff.

For me, it’s about eating as much as you can, for the fewest calories, whilst still in a deficit. And exercise.


Man v Fat night completes the treble for acknowledging a sub-100kg weight.

0.6kg off, must have eaten more chocolate than I thought this week. :joy::joy::joy:

Have agreed to eat no chocolate for a week to compare…


Size L. What do we think? :+1:


More size L tomfoolery…

New top for ManvFat Mondays.

And I love Amazon bargains for the wardrobe.

Excuse the boasting but I’m pretty chuffed with myself. :+1:

This time last year I was yet to start this journey & was wearing Adidas tops in size 2XL.

Now I walk down the road in size L & feel slim. Yet there’s still 10.2 kg to lose for a healthy BMI!


Brilliant - looks great and I bet it feels fab to be a Large!