So 12 weeks since I decided to lose weight


Conversely, that SGP is gonna be rather roomy.
I went for the same size as last year (L that equates to XL)… :grin::grin::grin:

You know when you walk down the road & feel slim? That.


Thought my new Facebook cover picture should tell a story.


Another week of ManvFat, another 0.6kg off.


Well done Darren. Conclusive proof that there’s no secret to this weight loss lark. It’s nothing but hard work and sheer determination. Exactly what you’re showing mate well done. Totally inspired and inspiring!!!


Indeed, there is no secret. I will keep saying it, losing weight is the easy part.

I have been asked again to do something for the Newcastle Can page re: Man V Fat; so hopefully something will be on there in the next week or two, after missing out on the tv thing.

Add in St George’s Park this weekend, a 36 week scan next week where a decision should be made about inducing the birth early & a busy time ahead!

Having a break from football for a few days, skipping both the tuesday & thursday that I have been playing lately, just to make sure we avoid any injuries. But did 40 minutes on the exercise bike tonight so not all bad.

My lowest morning weight has been 98.6kg; my evening weighin this week was 99.0kg.
I think the goal for the next 2 months, realistically, is the 95kg.
Anything more than that will be a bonus; slow & steady is winning the race.


If you have had a bad day foodwise & eaten nearly 2000 calories instead of 1500 but the NHS say you need at least 2300 anyway, is it really a bad day?

‘Asking for a friend’. :joy:

Yep, had one of those days, and was disappointed with myself until I realised the figure wasn’t actually THAT high in the scheme of things. If me falling off the horse with extra fruit & a mullerice still only knocks it up to 2000 calories then we aren’t doing that bad.

Start again tomorrow. :+1:


Had a great time at St George’s Park, met a few people from these forums & we finally won some matches down there.

Well done to the worthy winners.

Today I realised just how much slimmer I look.


… and celebrated with a gain of 1.2kg.:astonished:

Yep, finally I am proved to be human.:joy:

To be honest, my normal routine was messed up avoiding injury risks for the weekend just gone.

And then the food we had on Friday evening & Saturday evening. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

A week of porridge, soups & salads beckon to bounce back… :+1:


On the pitch, P 9 W 0 D 1 L 8 :astonished::astonished::astonished:

Weightloss only:

Champions! And that’s what we were there for really. :grin::grin::grin:


Love it that Elon Musk is offering help in the bottom right :joy:


Well been a busy week. Played football Mon, Thurs & possibly tomorrow night yet. Also had a small matter of finding out when the little one will be induced if she doesn’t decide to come even earlier. Looking like we might shift last week’s gain and a bit more so quite happy all round.

Anyway, food porn. This kid will be so lucky that her dad can make an Aberdeen Angus cheeseburger for less than 400 calories.

Who needs McDonald’s?



What a word.

This week’s weightloss?

1.8kg. :astonished::+1::grin:

Perhaps I should deny the doughnuts at lunchtime. :joy:


Apart from TEMPORARILY overcoming someone’s lust for a sugar rush and craving, what have doughnuts ever contributed to anyone’s day?


Everything in moderation. :+1:
Everybody knows I plan for treats. :+1:
1.8kg is nearly 4lbs. Despite the doughnuts.:+1:


…and without them?.. they’re only in your mind (well and on the bakery’s tray)


Straight out of a machine in the sea front at Skegness or somewhere similar. Pretty good contribution to a day in my book! :grinning:


It was Monday, I already knew I was having an excellent week. :+1:

I lost basically 4lbs. I played 30 minutes of walking football then my ManvFat football.

I then got home & took the dog for her evening trek.

I was 181 calories under on Lose It, 481 if you take into account I have it set to ignore 300 every day.

You see what I am getting at? :+1:


Well I’m guessing that’s the difference between ‘us lot’ and a lean, fit person…they’re very likely to walk on by!

And, as I once read someone on this site report their conversation with their nutritionist advisor when he asked “What about having cheat days?”. His advisor’s response…”You’ve had enough f—-king cheat days”.


Not necessarily. I think the the point of @Darren_Welch’s posts and this whole thread is that everything can be enjoyed in moderation. Nothing has to be off limits if it’s sensibly managed.


Fair enough…it’s the ‘sensibly managed’ that can elude me…and I wouldn’t be on my own there