So 12 weeks since I decided to lose weight


Who was that nutritionist? That’s my kind of advice.


Well, 11 weeks in now for me.

Last night I picked up my 10% award and have now lost over 10kg. Taking me down to 14st 5 which I am over the moon with.

3 weeks left of cup competitions and a real push to see how far I can go, next season will be a huge challenge but looking forward to it. Posted some before and after pictures on Instagram under the handle @rossmoran :slight_smile:


Bravo, excellent effort there.

Currently at 10.8kg gone in 10 weeks of this season. Need just 0.2kg for yet another 10%.
(Also 5 weeks left of our season 3 because of the bank holiday.)

I’ve gained in every break. The aim at the end of this season is to not gain in the break.

Only 9.5kg left to a healthy BMI!


Spot on. Have that soup, have that salad. And have a little bit of what you fancy.

I exercise most days, even if it’s just on the exercise bike.


@Darren_Welch Thanks Darren.

Now we’re back into the proper football season the away days will be my main challenge, but if I counter that by 6 good days I’m still hoping for progress.

10.4kg to date. Healthy BMI a good way away but who knows If i stick to what I’m doing I may get there one day.Saying that, I’d look ill if I was 12st 8!


Excellent effort…good on you for sticking at it…


It’s most certainly my type of received advice…from the rugby coach’s school of hard knocks…


I am a media whore! :joy::joy::joy:


Don’t think I’ve seen the football before but that’s great all shapes and sizes on the pitch. Great advertisement for the program.


Personally, I think they have done a great job on producing the video.

Anyway, I am trying to lose 11.3kg in August & September; 9 weeks @ 1.26kg a week.

Week 1
lost 1.8kg remaining 9.5kg @ 1.19kg a week.


I don’t think you should. You have a very practical and balanced approach to weight loss, health and fitness. If you want a doughnut, then have one.
It is not cheating, it is not a 'cheat day" - it is something that you have accounted for. Fair play mate.


Food porn.

6 slices of ham as a base, 25g of 50% less fat cheddar cheese & 2 eggs. Oh and a bit of pepper & herbs for good measure.

Add a bit of salad and two of these made a 300 calorie breakfast.

Followed that up with chunky chicken soup, along with prunes & yoghurt for lunch.

Tonight’s dinner is a homemade butternut squash & turkey mince lasagne that works out at 277 calories per portion, with a dessert of 2 baked apples & half a tub of vanilla Breyers ice cream for a combined 250 calories.

An hour’s exercise, a packet of Frazzles & 2 Clementines makes sure that today’s calorie deficit is a huge boost to another good week.

Away from the weight loss, some other news is ‘expected’ during this week…


Only just having the dessert worthy of it’s own post. Remember this is just 250 calories!


Made these today from eat well for less.
Cheesecake - 150 calories


150 calories each? It’s cheesecake, I’d need more than one. :smile:

This is why I calorie count, you can have literally anything.
My food is far healthier than this time last year, so anything goes…

That does remind me though, one of the other treats I am going to make when I reach my goal is the legendary mars bar cheesecake. I only ever made it once. 8 melted mars bars & 2 sliced up to decorate amongst other chocolatey delight.


You know, I was way under my calories.
Stupidly low.

1743 under. Plus the 300 a day ignored.
3843 in total for the week.

How much weight lost? Zilch. Didn’t gain, but zilch. Need to up the food intake from here in…


Are they home made dohnuts or?


A gain for me of 0.4 this week attributed to a very heavy weekend.

Currently at 9.9kg lost, and just slipped under my 10% so goal for the last two weeks is to get that back. Only 0.26kg required to ensure I finish the season well and very confident I can do that.

Currently sat 4th in our league for MVF points so hoping to stay there or challenge for 3rd.


Baked apples in cinnamon & nutmeg.
Bit healthier than doughnuts. :joy::joy::joy:


Stuck on 10.8kg lost for the season, still 0.2kg away from the 10%.

For a lot of reasons, I am not caring less this week. Planning to eat around 2300 calories a day again like I did a few months ago, just to see what happens after a week.

The NHS think I should still lose weight at that calorie count. Let’s see. Either way, I then have something to cut from again.

Today is actually one year since I went to that checkup.

More importantly, tomorrow is exactly one year since I started my healthier lifestyle.

Let’s see what sort of news occurs tomorrow eh? :wink: