So 12 weeks since I decided to lose weight


We are proud to finally announce that at 10.41pm, on 15th August 2018, exactly one year to the day that I decided to get healthy, that Clara Taryn Emma Welch was born, weighing 7lbs 1.5ozs.

Well it’s been a very long day & 8am when we got here seems a very long time ago. Nothing has gone to plan & unfortunately a cesarean was required.

Little one has had a feed, been quiet ever since. Mother has had better days & needs rest.
Dad, well what he needs can wait for now, I had the easy part for 9 months.


And more media work.


Congrats Darren :clap:t2::+1:t2:




Cute (baby, not you)! Congratulations from everyone at MVF and best wishes to your Mrs as well. Make sure you hold her back from rushing to get back on her feet (v common with c-section mums as their hormones are often going ape to look after the baby) but she needs to take it slow or the recovery is a lot longer. Speaking from bitter experience!


Done all the feeds during the night as we have had to resort to bottle for now while missus recovers.

Need to do some exercise as there is no diet* this week, so off to the usual Soccerworld for an hour tonight as they are highly unlikely to be out of hospital today. But that’s not until 8pm anyway.

*Yes, no diet. This is a refeed week.


Not going to deny it, I am having a crap season this time around. All was going well but then I was made redundant. Depression kicked in. I let a few bad habits creep back in and weight loss slowed down. Then 2 weeks before SGP I tore the medial collateral ligament in my knee. Despite all the advice from friends and family I decided to cling to a comment made by my Physio and strapped it up and still played at SGP. It still hurts now but at least I can start playing again on Friday (I think). Trouble is, I have just had 2 weeks away with the family. I know I am about 4kg heavier than my last weigh in. I don’t want to let my team down by scoring an own goal. So, here’s my point. I believe that Exeter has lost players due to this system. It DISCOURAGES those who need a helping hand by punishing the team if they turn up. Luckily, my team is understanding and know what I have been through recently. (I suffer from PTSD and anxiety/depression). Therefore I know I will be welcome and supported. Others are not so lucky. Weight gain is stigmatised and is this not a contributing factor? I mean, the lower I feel, the more I eat!


Congratulations mate, excellent news!!


It’s only an own goal on weight gain if you go above that season’s registration weight.

The thing is, ManVFat isn’t the one with the magic wand. That’s you, the individual. Without the motivation & discipline you will fail.

Sorry to hear about the injury, but nobody got fat with a binge on salad. You could, but you need to preempt the bad choices by having alternatives available.


Really sorry to hear that you’ve had such a hard time lately but amazing work in making sure that it’s a blip not a 180. With that attitude you’ll recover from any set back.

With regard to the own goal situation I hear what you’re saying but I think it’s a necessary evil. We have to draw a line in the sand for the player’s benefit. If they join us at 100kg (for example) then what they’re saying is that they’re asking us to help them go below that. The own goal rule is our way of saying that this is an agreement between us.

BUT it’s one goal. That’s because if you went tonight and weighed in at 104kg (for example) then yes you would score an own goal because you’re above the 100kg you started on. However, if next week you weighed in at 103kg then you’d actually score a weight goal bonus as usual. This is because we always want to reward weight loss even if it’s above your reg weight.

So it’s a one goal situation. You know that you can undo that 10 times over as the weeks go on. We know it too.


i think the own goal for going over your start weight is a good thing and should help with motivation to get back on track, my own team and plenty on our league have fallen down on this rule but the team and MVF rallies around to get them back on track, and personally i think its a poor reason for leaving the scheme ,if as you say this has happened with Exeter I would say they probably never had the motivation to improve their lives.
@stephenwatkins1 sounds like you have a good team around you ( like mine) and keep up the good work


Congrats Darren!

I am sitting here with my 14 week old daughter currently asleep on my chest, it’s an amazing thing, and for me a massive motivator for my weight loss journey


Cheers been a manic couple of days. Done an hour at Soccerworld this evening, am at home now, mother & child are in hospital a bit longer.

Yep, been blessed with this gift.


Brilliant mate. Congratulations.


I have been penalised an own goal this season for a small gain but still stayed inside my seasons start weight. It’s been a frustrating first 2 seasons here in Exeter admin wise.


‘Darren it’s your turn to stay up tonight.’

Hold my baby, I’m off to Tesco.

#refeedweek #whatdiet #sorted

Actually still only averaging around 2300 a day this week. Based on the 2300, got just over 1300 still to play with today. Not bad for being at the hospital most of the time & unable to rustle up a tuna salad.

It will be an interesting weighin on Monday night, but had life to deal with this week. :+1:


Been a busy weekend, we came home with the little one yesterday,
I am nailed on to have gained a 2/3lbs this week

& inbetween everything I have done a little video segment on snacks for a tv show,
that may or may not get used.

My chosen subject was jaffa cakes. :smiley:


Worse than I feared. 7lbs gained in a week.
That was some celebrating, junk whilst stuck at hospital.

New week, new plan starts tomorrow.


Managed to shift what I put on last week so back to 10.2kg and 10%. We have a week off next week then the final week of our season which is a cup game and last weigh in/measurements.

Huge push now to see how far I can go


Well done.

On 1769 calorie allowance for a fortnight, all exercise to be exactly that, no extra treats because of playing an hour of football etc.

Edit: allowed myself an extra snack in the end.
But decent figures for ‘Aftermath Day 1’. Could have stayed under by not having a 58 calorie yoghurt, but nobody is going to begrudge a low calorie yoghurt, right?