So 12 weeks since I decided to lose weight


Eastbourne pier


Seriously back in the right direction.
Already 1.9kg shifted since Monday night.
Exercise cut back to 3 times a week & the food regime reset to what I was doing a year ago.

Yesterday saw a legendary bacon omelette deluxe for breakfast, a nice prawn madras at lunch followed by prunes & yoghurt, sweet chilli mackerel and salad for tea with chocolate & hazlenut oppo for pudding, porridge for supper, a couple of snacks.

Today includes porridge, tuna salad, hunters chicken…yeah we are back in a groove.


Sometimes it’s how you cook rather than what you eat. But they were Slimzone sausages, poached eggs, bacon medallions. All little changes to help make a massive difference. Toast from a 400g loaf rather than an 800g one.
(Justified a nice seeded batch then!)

All accounted for (obviously!) and the exercise calories not eaten.

Been a good week so far, the bigger under margins are obviously the exercise days.

Current loss for the week is 2.3kg, with no weighin on Monday, should be an excellent weighin by 3rd Sept.


Been a while since I batched cooked.
Being ‘not Gordon Ramsay’…

2 bags of 600g Asda frozen chicken strips. £5.
2 bags of 1kg seasoned potato wedges £2
2 jars of Asda calorie counted Hunters Chicken Sauce £1.50
About 60g of 50% less fat cheddar cheese. From a big 500g block in the fridge. About 30p.

Cook wedges, divided in 12 portions & bung into food containers. Cook chicken, mix with sauce, share equally on top of the wedges. Sprinkle 5g cheese on top of each.

Cool down & freeze. Sorted. Don’t know what this sauce is like but it’s new and thought it worth a try. I would serve with some salad to fill the dinner plate. Nothing spectacular but my type of fast food. And just under 74p per portion.

Calorie count per portion:
Wedges 166g 228cal
Chicken 100g 64cal
Sauce (says 54cal per quarter jar) 36cal
Cheese 5g 15cal

Total: 343calories


That’s impressive. How did they taste?


I liked them, but by the time I ate one I had sprinkled chilli flakes over them too. :grin:

Probably could do with a bit more sauce.

Another £1.50 for 2 extra jars to double the sauce changes the cost to 86p a portion & bumps the calories 379.

But yeah, I would make them again.


Well tomorrow night is week 14 of season 3.

Kinda went off the rails again the past week or so. Could be worse, I am simply the same weight as 3 weeks ago, which is the 101.6kg we rose to on the week where we were having the baby. :wink:

But whilst enjoying certain foods that I have seen as naughty, I have also been working out the battle plan for season 4.

Discovered that whilst not only is 85% dark chocolate lower in carbs, one 151 calorie bar is enough to put you off wanting chocolate for at least a day or two. :joy::joy::joy:

So anyway, we did make progress in season 3, but I am not even close to where I wanted to be.

After tomorrow, Christmas is just 15 weeks away.
1kg a week needs to be a serious target.


Just discovered MvF, and have spent an enjoyable afternoon reading the site.
This thread is awesome, thanks for the time and effort you’ve put into writing it, congrats on your new daughter and keep up the good work !


Cheers Klatter, it’s been a hard year & I am currently not even a stone lighter than at Christmas? 102.4kg at weighin, 106.2kg December last year.

Christmas, Easter, baby, all excuses that have taken their toll. Or, I did most of the hard work last year…

I am 2 sizes smaller, I am in skinny fit trousers.

I know where that last lot of fat is…


Registration monday just gone for my second season.

Weighed in at 91.6kg. My aim is to be sub 14st stone so only 2.7kg to reach that goal however would like to push for a 5% this season after getting 10% last time out.

5% is just 4.6kg and more than manageable over the season


I have just posted this somewhere else on the forum, so here it is:

I have recently cut down my exercise regimes, it was taking over. Exercise bike, football, outdoor bike. Something every day. This week I have done just one football night (the MvF one), 2 outdoor rides. And that is it. Turn down the chances to play football at least 2 other nights.

Few things are so ‘overrated’ for weight loss as exercise is.

You ever seen the tv show ‘The Biggest Loser’? They take time off work for months. They eat very small portions of food, work out as though it’s a full-time job & it’s simply not sustainable for the average person in the long run. Just taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or getting off the bus one stop earlier, isn’t going to change the numbers on your bathroom scale. You’re going to need at least one hour of tough workouts every single day to noticeably lose weight.

Basically, the effect of exercise on weight loss is vastly overrated. There are other things you need to take care of first. It’s not a good idea to eat bad food, drink sugary drinks. Exercise cannot compensate for other issues in your life. They have to be addressed first.

Until next time, pop pickers…


So following on from the last post, I have also finally accepted that I need to reduce the carbs in my snacks & replace with protein.

Have decided that scooped cucumber filled with tuna, or chicken/ham with tomato wrapped in lettuce is the way to go.

(Internet pictures for example)

Should lead to feeling fuller for less calories & thus less wanting more snacks & ultimately, leaner!

Not fussed about current weight, being mindful & I am lower right now than the last weighin. With registration for season 4 still a week away, it is time to take stock of where I have got to/make changes.


My versions:

For today, I made sweet chilli chicken salad in an iceberg leaf.

For tomorrow, it’s tuna salad inside cucumber.

Both sets of fillings have come from one of my main meals that day (just a tiny couple of spoonfuls basically), so the calories were accounted for in making the meal, meaning that the elevenses were technically free, unlike the cereal bars etc.! (If this makes sense…)


Looks interesting, not for me , cucumber is food of the devil but I hope you enjoyed it!

Was the first game of my second season last night at Fox Hollies. Managed a 1.9kg Loss. Total loss now 12.3kg buzzing to get going again.


I only eat food I enjoy.
A diet shouldn’t be miserable.


I was more getting at hoping you enjoyed trying out the new recipe :joy:

The lettuce wraps I can get along with, made a home made yuk sung style thing not so long back. Dieting or more so lifestyle changes certainly aren’t miserable.


That’s why the wording is so important.

‘A diet’, meaning somebody’s typical intake.
‘On a diet’, meaning some sort of punishment.


Oh weigh in beckons monday night. Done well to stay under my end of season weight so far in a week that has included McDonald’s for first time in a year, KFC & some BBQ beef ribs.

Has anybody cooked with Konjac noodles/rice/pasta? Just 9 calories per 100g or something.

Thinking of a Konjac, beansprouts, vegetable kind of thing.


Right, I have seriously eaten some crap in this break. We start at 105.8kg :astonished:

So much for celebrating being under 100kg…

We go again…

At least our team won something. :+1:


You’re an inspiration, Darren. Best of luck this season!