So 12 weeks since I decided to lose weight


Cheers, I am quite annoyed with myself, let it slip in the week the little one was born and not recovered from it yet, some 6 weeks later.

Am going to try and get back under 100kg within 3 weeks. Best behaviour for Darren then.


Don’t beat yourself up, use it for focus instead!

I’ll be watching this thread with intent as I start my own Man v Fat journey tomorrow night!


Season 2 , Week 2 : Minus 0.4kg, disappointed considering diet has been great and stayed off the beer.

My last week and now have 3 weeks off for various holidays/england away trip.

2.3kg for this season and 12.7kg overall. Hoping to ensure I don’t go over this seasons start weight and will remain focused


Wasn’t going to do midweek football this week.

Now on the way to play for an hour.

Decent deficit on the cards today.


What is the App you use @Darren_Welch …I know you said before, but I can’t locate. Why do you find it better than MFP?..assuming you do.


It’s called lose it. I was recommended it before also By a girl who lost 20kg so it works. I’m too used to MFP to switch over


I tried both, just preferred the layout of Lose It.


So people who know me and readers of this epic tale will know I like a jar of ready made sauce in my cooking.

Homepride have these little timesavers at just 61 calories per quarter jar…

Bag of beansprouts, a whole red onion, a large flat mushroom chopped, half each of red/yellow/green peppers, 3 vine tomatoes chopped & you get this.

This is all 4 portions in Lose It, just so I could add up as I cooked, divide by 4 to get 140 calories per portion.

This is just a core recipe, add cooked chicken, or a small amount of minced beef, leave as it is,

Tonight I have wholegrain rice to make around 350 calories… you get the idea.


Going into the weekend, I think it’s obvious why I am expecting decent results for this week.

The Tuesday was because I played an hour at Soccerworld. Well done Darren for not eating any of the extra calories. :joy:

Have a good weekend people.


New addition to my routine:

Green tea! I hear that it’s good for weight loss…


Boom, we’re back on track. 3.2kg loss for the week.


Smashed it! :muscle:t2:


@Darren_Welch - albeit the thread started back in November…but the thread has some activity lately I just wanna say…

  1. :clap:t4: from all the MvF community - I`d be surprised if not many ppl know you as it shows how engaged/involved you are with most forums

  2. A BIGGER :clap:t4: for the transformation you`ve had

  3. I`ll take a :clap:t4: CC @mikey_rosie1966 @mikeyrosie1966 for the goal I scored in a friendly we won against you at SGP in July! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Nah seriously, keep it up - keep doing what you do. We appreciate it (well I certainly do!), and I think you’re pretty much awesome and inspiring being you mate! :clap:t4::clap:t4::clap:t4:


Oh yes @Darren_Welch. 1-0 to the Kensington boys. A clean sheet kept by our goalie and defence!!! :wink:


And in the 2nd friendly, that you gave up at 4-1 down? :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


This thread has never stopped being active. I use it like a blog tbh.


Must have missed seeing it pop up!


I didn’t see/play in this so can’t vouch for it!! @mrose1711


The second friendly was virtually the Pimlico League so doesn’t count :-p


Of course it counts, we could only beat what was put in front of us. :wink:

For those of you who don’t know (most of you), I have known @mrose1711 for many years as we used to work together when I was down south. :+1: