So 12 weeks since I decided to lose weight


In other news, we won on the pitch 3 nil last night, only to be pegged back to a 4-4 draw on weightloss, 1 teammate getting an own goal cost us dear. Again, weightloss matters!

An early attack on a deficit for me this week:

Back towards the end of the week, unless I have anything else to bore people with before then. :+1:


And tomorrow marks a week of no diet/zero cola. Taken me a year after switching from fat coke.

Green tea has a lot to answer for…


which type of green tea do you go for?


Been using Twinnings flavoured ones. Gingerbread, cherry bakewell so far…


that sounds truly horrible! :wink:


I like them more than I thought I would.
Only have 2 or 3 a day, so all good.


To me @TommyD it’s those ZeroCals; and similarly named/ marketed drinks that sound cr&p… stick to: Water. Black coffee. Wanky fruit teas…lose the weight first, then decide what’s actually healthy IMHO!


Had 4 or 5 green teas today: more importantly, still no zero/diet coke!

Assuming today goes to plan, another decent week on the calorie count, we will see what the Monday night weighin shows.


Week 2 weighin: lost 1.6kg. That’s 4.8kg in 2 weeks & if I actually cut out chocolate & cake as much as I should have, it could have been more.

1.1kg required to get below 100kg within 3 weeks. Smashing it so far.

Determined that this will be my best season yet.
And my last. :+1:


Does a morning 99.9kg count? :+1:

Won’t celebrate until I see it in an evening weighin. :wink:


well done




Alas I missed my target and only lost 0.8kg this week to land at 100.2kg.

Things I shouldn’t have eaten this week but did:
6 double chocolate cookies.
1 share bag of chocolate buttons.
3 x 100g bars of Aero.
1 x KFC meal.

I’ve been back in that ‘overconfident’ weightloss zone this week, where I think I can eat anything by eating healthier elsewhere.

Which looks true, but what normally happens is the weightloss slows further as I do it more and more.

So this week I promise no chocolate at all.


Anyway, that also meant I hit my 5% for this season on week 3, all good.
Konjac noodles, rice, etc were delivered today so going to try them over this week.

We are also moving real soon, so I may be not be around as much during this week.

The next target is 95kg in 4 weeks time.


4 weeks off MVF, including an All inclusive holiday, an England away trip for the game against Spain, and copious amounts of bad food and drink.

Given all that, I only put on 1kg. No doubt I’ve lost some shape and muscle however i’m happy with the overall result. Hopefully can bounce back and get back on my weightloss journey. Not far to go and most importantly get fitter and maintain.


Move put back until this weekend coming.

Stressed, takeaway, chocolate, cake, biscuits.

Happy to have only put on 0.2kg.

We go again…


Moving tomorrow. God help us. I’ve been eating pies, wedges & all sorts of stuff I haven’t had for ages, to help run the freezers down, whilst trying to stay under calories. Apart from the biscuits, oh I needed them.

Be an interesting weighin on monday night, as the scales are packed away. :frowning:

Edit: scrap that, I am never moving again. And quite rightly ordered from Papa John’s as a reward for my patience being tested today.

We’ll start again tomorrow (Sunday)…


Gained 0.6kg last monday, so we are back at 101.0kg. Hoping to have done better this week.

2 weeks of stress as an excuse (with minimal damage, I suppose.)

Have rebuilt my old dietary plans so now that I have something in writing, I can actually visualise the week ahead…

Although we having been doing MvF, managed to squeeze in an hour’s football on Thursday night for the first time in a month… signed up to Park Run before we moved, really need to try my first one soon. Maybe installing extra kitchen cabinets today will burn a few calories…


0.8kg loss tonight, that’s the past 2 weeks eradicated. :+1:


0.4kg lost. Back below 100kg at last at 99.8kg. :+1:

Obviously the target of 95kg went out of the window due to moving (excuses, excuses :grin:).

There is 6 weeks until Christmas… No targets, just going to see where we end up… Playing football 3 times this week so ramping it up a little…