So 12 weeks since I decided to lose weight


Just to emphasise the effort so this week already…
Monday was MvF
Tuesday was an hour at Soccerworld
All 3 days so far have created a decent calorie deficit.

Still managing breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks.


No MAN v FAT for me tonight.
No football at all this week.

Broke a bone or two in the foot when I played Thursday night.

I couldn’t justify 2 buses and £8 just to stand on the scales for 10 seconds to get a couple of bonus goals…


I lied… played Tuesday night, went in goal once it started to hurt… bizarrely had one of my best games in a long while, scoring 4 and only conceding one when between the sticks.

Bought myself a reward in the shape of a new smart watch. Had my previous one 3 years so as you can imagine that one wasn’t really fitness orientated. Got a Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music this time, with a view to tracking football & doing some Park Runs.

A resting heart rate between 50 & 65 sitting down is good right?

Come a long way since last year…


Slight gain of 0.4kg at weigh in, not surprised had a poor fortnight food wise. But hey that’s literally a pound. Loving the Garmin watch though, proof that I ran my socks off tonight. :joy:

Did my first effort at road running yesterday. 2km in 15 minutes was enough for me. But will plug away at that this week.


It’s just a pity for the team that you were playing goalkeeper!


If you take tonight’s hour quite literally, I must have gone for a shit in the bushes as well as gatecrashing the adjacent pitches. :joy::joy::joy:


LoseIt sets me 1739 calories at the moment to lose 1kg in a week.

The week since weighin:
Mon MvF match
Tue An hour at Soccerworld
Wed A short 2km run

And am already over 1600 calories under the LoseIt allowance… hoping for a good week!

Even made a nice homemade lasagne tonight with 5% fat mince and not a low calorie thought in sight.


@Biffa94 - enjoy!


Found another shocker taken about 2 years ago…

As opposed to 2 weeks ago.


Well the loss Monday night was a miserly 0.2kg.

Need to look at the quality of my calories as well as them just being low I guess.

Still, heading (slowly) downwards…


Have you got much experience with fluctuations? This has been my week so far…
Sun - 95.8 Mon - 95.7 Tues - 95.9 Weds - 95.8 Thurs - 94.8
So I have dropped a full kg since yesterday but I haven’t been doing much exercise but I have been drinking a bit less.


Daily fluctuations are to be expected and is a reason not to weigh daily. I like to look on a Friday morning as it’s half way through the week since Monday night.

I wouldn’t read too much into it as you cannot really lose 2.2lbs in a day. That would be a calorie deficit of 7700 calories (therefore highly unlikely in a day) so realistically it’s caused by water retention/salt levels.

Sure @maxnas would say similar.

Was out at an interview Tuesday but ran my usual 2km earlier & have an hour at Soccerworld Thursday night…


I don’t read too much into the the daily readings. The scales are there so I just step on out of interest. I am starting to look at the weekly average too. Yes, I know I could not have dropped a kilo of fat in 24 hours and everything is continual…


1.2kg gain at weigh in.:flushed:
Not sure it was that bad a week tbh, so left wondering if I am due a big poo. :joy::joy::joy:


1kg loss this week. That’s better. Back to 100.2kg.

We now have a 3 week break in our football league. And I don’t really do calorie watching Christmases. Last year I put on 9lbs, less than that this year will be a win.

So we’ll see you all on the other side, a little bit heavier.


One more thing. I am not a runner. 2km and I am done for at the moment. But I will try to go further.

25th November, just over 3 weeks ago, it took me 13mins 29 seconds to run the same 2km for the first time.