So 12 weeks since I decided to lose weight


We lost 1.4kg in the past week.

Next episode of Britain Fights Fat on TV this thursday; I signed some footage over to them that again might not have made the show, but we will see on Thursday.

Currently taking part in a lose 20lbs by pancake day challenge elsewhere on this forum; but aim is 30lbs by April. So 3lbs down, 27lbs to go…


Cool pics, u got funky tastes


Ha ha, I work for a care home company, it’s what we do sometimes.
It’s not my regular daily wear.


Well we were on prime time tv last week, cringe moment that it was.
Have made good inroads into the Christmas gains, made a decision to stop the football. I will always be immensely defensive of the concept of MANvFAT football, it got me back playing football & focused my interest in staying healthy, I just feel it’s time for a different approach for a little while.

As for weight loss, my new weighins are on a tuesday morning.


Still going strong, 23.8lbs to go to target as off last tuesday…


Just spent the best part of an hour reading this entire thread, great reading and great to see the changes! Keep up the good work!


After getting so close, I slipped up pretty badly, now 33.2lbs to get to mine.


Fantastic thread . I am going to try and emulate it but at the age of 52 instead of 42ish?
15 kilos 12 weeks . Then I will be on tour and heading to the UK in mid June .
Might be fortunate to catch up with a few of you lads .
Australian Summer actually Autumn here now so great weather for getting out and exercising .
Hope to get into 3 groups before 12 weeks are up .
Thanks again for this thread . Will hunt up the recipes too .


I’m still going, just not a lot to report. Various excuses that have allowed gains, offset by subsequent loses.

Should be a healthy BMI by now but we are still sitting 10kg over, still 2 sizes smaller than when we started, still in skinny fit trousers & the only fat left is still around the waist…

Guess overall, that we can say that we have maintained during the winter months…


Mate however you look at it I am sure you would not want to be back at 125kgs . I’m starting from there, well a touch under at 123kg. Keep stalling at 120 then go back up . Married 25 years ago at 86kgs !! Too good a paddock and being lazy hasn’t helped .


@Darren_Welch. Hey mate, how intense did you start out with the exercise ? Like did you do an hour on the bike straight away or build up to it ? can you give me some idea as to what the first couple of weeks consisted of exercise wise . I think you were at 1500 cals per day ? Thanks for any advice .
Cheers Ant


I did what I felt was comfortable. Was easy to peddle whilst watching tv. Not used it for months now (been out jogging instead!)

It is 80% what you eat, 20% exercise. But the exercise is good, get the fitness levels up.

My early weeks all I did was eat healthy and started football once a week (at that time…)


Thanks @Darren_Welch or Daz , really appreciate the help . Like I said I am trying to replicate what you did . I know you have mentioned that it works for you and maybe not for everyone but like most of us on here we have tried so many different strategies to lose weight, yours seems to me to be a lot more practical and straight to the point with no fluff . Simple eat well lose weight, eat too much and put on weight . Calories in etc etc . Your exercise, well what you did at the start is within reach of most of us . I have an exercise bike in the garage and have started riding that while watching the tv . Keep an eye out for me ! Cheers .


Eat less, move more. That’s the essential science.

If you drink fizzy pop, cut it out, etc.


Used to see Darren posting about watching Liverpoo while on the bike. Least is was your year :wink:


Might still be. Oh wait, apparently we are bottling it, yet Man City weren’t called that when losing 2 in a row a while back…

…it’s not over yet.


And klopp is panicking apparently. The media love a good story


Well we lost a good friend earlier this year & a load of us played a charity match in his honour a couple of weeks ago.

Look at the football machine that is me. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Not updated much, been busy in the challenges on the weight loss forum.

Positives recently:
now covering 5.5 to 6 km per 90 minutes football.
(I’m 45, some Premier League players only cover about 10km!)
In 2 weeks time I play at St James’ Park, home of Newcastle United.

I’m still a slimmer size L, waist went from a 44" to a 38", it’s more a 36" now. I’ve knuckled down a bit the past few weeks, after being very casual about weightloss after my initial success. I start a new job in July, that involves myself moving more than my current role allows, so I am aiming to be approaching my goal of 90kg by then or just after…