So 12 weeks since I decided to lose weight


We lost 1.4kg in the past week.

Next episode of Britain Fights Fat on TV this thursday; I signed some footage over to them that again might not have made the show, but we will see on Thursday.

Currently taking part in a lose 20lbs by pancake day challenge elsewhere on this forum; but aim is 30lbs by April. So 3lbs down, 27lbs to go…


Cool pics, u got funky tastes


Ha ha, I work for a care home company, it’s what we do sometimes.
It’s not my regular daily wear.


Well we were on prime time tv last week, cringe moment that it was.
Have made good inroads into the Christmas gains, made a decision to stop the football. I will always be immensely defensive of the concept of MANvFAT football, it got me back playing football & focused my interest in staying healthy, I just feel it’s time for a different approach for a little while.

As for weight loss, my new weighins are on a tuesday morning.


Still going strong, 23.8lbs to go to target as off last tuesday…