So 12 weeks since I decided to lose weight


Let it all go loose a bit today.
Nice roast dinner, Yorkshires lots of roasts…
Half a Twirl Easter egg consumed too.

I never realised how few calories are in Black Forest Gateau… Only 170 per portion in an 8 portion Asda one according to the box.

Quarter of it was the obvious choice. :grin:

Happy Easter.


I am struggling with getting below 107kg. Had a week snowed off followed by working away for a week followed by a week away with the wife. Then back for a week and then good Friday when there was no session! I need to have a run of weeks again to kick start that push to my end season goal of 100kg which would be 15% in one season. It’s my birthday last session of the season too so it would be a welcome boost!!


Not sure about this but I suspect that my first ever gain might happen on monday.

Was worth it for Easter & Birthday, we still have a life to live.

As long as the long term trend is downwards eh?

By the way, a good way to make a sub 100 calorie snack is one of these for the microwave.


First ever gain I said?
No way, we can handle Easter Eggs, birthday cake & black forest gateau it seems. :slightly_smiling_face:
0.4kg loss.

So despite the 9lb blip over Christmas, we have lost 47lbs since last August.

Going for a bit of a push the last 3 weeks of season 2 starting today.
Oh & we had our 20 week scan today - it’s a girl!


Wow! That’s amazing, congratulations on the weight loss and the impending girl!


How have I missed this thread?! Well done @Darren_Welch

love love love love progress threads with before and afters… especially when there are MASSIVE pictures of food in them!


Congratulations on both counts


Well that little push worked.
1.2kg lost. So that’s 9.6kg this season.
1.2kg more for that 4stone lost mark.
1.7kg more for 10% this season.

Oh and interviewed for something that may yet end up on tv… to be continued, in case it doesn’t.


Just signed up and this is the sort of inspiration I was hoping for.

Particularly like the advice and examples of meals to keep things varied.

Keep up the great work and hopefully I’ll be able to inspire others one day.


Welcome aboard.

I make it look easy. And it is easy.
What is difficult is the discipline.
But if you had asked me last August it would have felt like an impossible task.

I’ve had lapses but also have sussed fairly well what I can get away with I guess.


just sat here and read your thread . AMAZING mate
well done :sunglasses:


Hi Darren,

My wife is due to give birth in the next few weeks and this is part of my motivation for starting this journey! So congratulations to you!

I am just starting on my MANvFAT Football journey and I am rather impatiently waiting for my league to start! :smiley:


Cheers guys. Here’s my plan for now until the birth (due date 28th Aug)

125.5kg = last August
102.8kg = now
TARGET: 88.9kg = under 14 stone

19 weeks to lose 13.9kg = 0.73 per week.

To compare:
Pre ManvFat (4.9kg in 5 weeks): 0.98kg per week
Season 1 average (14.4kg in 13 weeks): 1.11kg per week
Current season average: 0.8kg per week

Achieve this & I will have lost 6 stone in a year & gained a daughter.


So things I changed recently;

Sky Sports Pedalling has got HIT!

I only aim to do 500 calories (approx bike display) per match now,
250 each half - but 2 matches on a saturday & 2 on a sunday.
20 calories at normal pace, 10 calories as fast as I can, repeat until 250 calories are hit.
Takes about 25 minutes of each half, so plenty of time for water inbetween.
But getting more of a sweat on with the exercise bike than ever before.

Healthy Ready Meals

Used them at the start, using them again for a while. Portion control, calorie count & the prep all done by somebody else, so easy. Tesco Healthy Living range are nice, Asda Good & Balanced & basic but only £1, not so keen on their Slimzone range (rather have the Tesco ones at the same price). Aldi have some nice ones for £1.99 a pop. Then there’s the Weightwatchers range for £1.75 to £2.75 a go. Never tried the Slimming World ones, but they don’t look as appealing to me.

Overall calories & snacks
Because I was upping calories & still losing weight, elevenses has become a ‘I can afford to have a couple of snacks now’… so it’s been limited to a combination of 500 calories between breakfast & elevenses. So if I decided to just have breakfast biscuits, there’s more elevenses, but if I have a bigger breakfast, then I’m lucky it’s a banana at 11am.

Late lunch normally around 1.30pm to 2pm, either a ready meal 300-400 calories or a chunky soup around 200-250 calories, along and a weightwatcher yoghurt for less than 60 calories will see me through until I get home.

100 calorie snack when I get home, then if I had a ready meal at lunch it’s a salad with either mackerel, tune, eggs or chicken for around 300 calories. If I had soup then it’s a ready meal in the evening.

Around 10pm, before taking the dog out, I have 4 ryvita, 2 laughing cow light cheese triangles in place of butter then filled with salad.

Breakfast & Elevenses 500 calories
Lunch A 450 calories or Lunch B 300 calories
Snack 100 calories
Dinner A 300 calories or Dinner B 400 calories
Ryvita (as described) 250 calories

So approximately 1600 calories & eating 6 times a day. And if something crops up or I want an extra treat, maybe some Breyers Ice Cream or even some Black Forest Gateau, I’ll have it.

Very little cooking, but if I fancy it I’ll do a stir fry or vegetable lasagne for everybody, otherwise the rest of the house cook their own food.

I have said so many times, a diet shouldn’t be miserable. It sounds very basic, but full of food I like eating & I get Hunter’s Chicken, Pulled Pork & Wedges, Chicken & Chorizo Paella… all tasty.

Man v Fat football on a monday, Soccerworld for an hour on a thursday. Was playing an hour on a saturday too but fgs, I’m 44, so given it a swerve the past 3 weeks. Exercise bike on a tuesday night & wednesday night (250 calories), friday is a rest & I try to do at least 1000 calories on saturdays & sundays, but if I have other plans or things to do, I fit in what I can.

Also have a set of dumbbells, but apart from lifting them up & side to side, not a lot going on there.

Right time to pedal part of the 2nd half of West Brom vs Liverpool.


Found a photo from 18 months ago.

Boy was I in denial…:astonished::astonished::astonished:


I need a re-boot. Just read through your last post. It has given me what I need.


ALERT: I went out Friday night to a do I couldn’t avoid.

Gained 0.4kg this week. My first ever gain during a ManVFat season. No doubt Friday was the cause. I could have not had a cider or 5, I could have not eaten the buffet food but hey I’m alive.

Target now
14.3kg in 18 weeks = 0.79kg per week.


Consoled myself this evening with kebab.

Less the 400 calories thanks to half a bag of Oumph!
Spiced Kebab flavour. Very filling… 129 calories per 100g.

Half a bag is about 180 calories; cook in a frying pan with a little bit of oil for 6-7 minutes, add a pitta & salad & you’re ready in 10 minutes.

This is Oumph!


And I was asked about my pedalling whilst watching football a while back.

Yep, still doing it.
First half of Liverpool vs Roma sets a personal best.

You can’t say that I am not going for it. :grin:

I eased off a little bit in the 2nd half,
the counter finished on 842 calories.


Where do you get the Kebab omph from please. Looks like that could be a winner for me. Thanks.