So 12 weeks since I decided to lose weight


Tesco. Was on offer, I posted in the food section the other day too. :grin:


Amazing reading through your posts keep it up !! Also don’t mind me asking what bike you riding looking at getting one for myself but just looking for a recommendation.


It’s just a basic exercise bike. Bought off Gumtree for £25 last August & hammered ever since.

I do own a bike shaped object :joy: that I bought from Tesco for £90 erm… 4 years ago.

Since then it decorated the shed, seemed a good idea until I discovered how tiring it was at the time.

Until last year I had ridden it once. I am a different person now; I plan to hammer it this summer. :grin:


A trip to Tesco is called for at the weekend.
For the Kebab of course not the bike😂.
Had my bike nicked by the nice people that seem to think it’s ok to do that sort of thing.
Anyway keep up the Good work :clap::clap:


i have a couple of Giant bikes, a hybrid escape and a scr road bike plenty good enough for my requirements, although i would like to get a mountain bike and get off road, whatever you get i would use a helmet too.


@Tom_Smith If you want to do some road cycling, worth having a look at the ‘Decathlon’ bikes, they are pretty cost effective, but still get excellent reviews. They also sell cheaper cycling clothes and helmets that go up to larger sizes.

For the really big chaps, ‘Fat Lad at the Back’ is a good brand for getting bigger clothes, but they are quite high priced (no more expensive than other ‘professional’ cycling brands, but £60-80 a shirt and £60-80 for bib-shorts so not cheap).

My first road bike was a Decathlon B’Twin 520 which was around £350 on offer when I got it (the 2018 520 model is £499 at the moment but the 500 is £350), nice thick alloy frame and took my 26 stone (when I started on it) okay. The wheels did need rebalancing a couple of times during the season, but even as a completely stock bike that I did well over 500 miles on, I never snapped any spokes or needed any serious repairs.

My company does the ride to work scheme so this year I picked up a Cube Attain SL, the colour scheme is a bit boring black and white, but it has a nice group-set (Shimano 105). With the tax back and discount it worked out around £540 (purchase price £999), rode it out the other day, very nice to ride with all stock parts and a lot easier on the hills than I was expecting (even with new season legs). If your company does the scheme and you are in the higher tax bracket it is a really good deal for an awesome beginners bike (not necessarily that particular bike, but the scheme itself).


i shall have a look at their bikes tonight, I was looking at a Thorn Audax for my next road bike,


Anyway… to round off this week;

Confident that I will have bounced back with a loss come tomorrow night. Appeared to be about 1kg down but we shall see. Have burnt about 2000 calories on the exercise bike this week, calories have ranged between 1400 & 1800 a day.

Have discovered nut butters are not my thing. Duped by a nice tasting almond nut butter bar, only to buy a jar of the almond butter to try on toast. Yuk, as nasty as peanut butter. Yet I loved peanuts???

Played football 3 times this week - man v fat, then Soccerworld for an hour on both Thursday & Saturday. My game is returning at a decent pace now, taking on & beating players when on the attack, solid when defending, some intelligent yet sublime passing. Just need to increase the shot power a bit more.

Unfortunately was involved in injuring somebody Thursday night; both running down the wing after a ball, we clipped each other’s heels & he landed in a heap, breaking his collarbone in the process.

Was the last kick of the match & we had been on the same side for 55 minutes until another player needed to swap round to get in goal. Talk about bad luck.

Breyers ice cream deal at Tesco has ended, but it now appears to be £2.50 at Sainsbury’s & £3 at Asda.

There’s more food in this house than ever, I stock up on the items I consume in bulk whenever they are on offer…

Until after tomorrow’s weighin…


We lost 0.6kg & so another season ends.

Season 1: 14.4kg lost in 14 weeks
Season 2: 9.8kg lost in 14 weeks

A bit less this time around but of course the less you weigh, the slower it falls off. Add in what I lost before season 1 & we have lost 18% of what we started with.

4 week gap now. Won’t be like the Christmas break, but I am going to up the calories ready to cut in season 3. To be honest I would be happy to lose another 7.8kg in season 3, although the long term plan is another 13.7kg from where I am now, however long it takes.

But I am gonna take a break whilst being mindful.
So see you all in a month or so.

A picture tells a 1000 words they say.


Another place for cycling kit is with tops going up to 8xl.
Prices often start at £40 mark but most are £50 - £60 and there are shorts, bib shorts, undershirts, socks, in fact a lot.
I’m a 6xl at 21st and 6’5" and the quality is very good.

Keep at it.


Back so soon, it appears that I broke my ribs AGAIN on monday night. The lower ones this time.

Whilst the season has ended (monday nights), this means no thursday night or saturday football for at least a couple of weeks too now.



Nooooo! Sorry to hear that mate! Get well soon and don’t let it distract you. Think of it this way, we had a guy in Brum who broke his leg and weighed in after a fortnight with the cast on and had still lost weight - you haven’t got the excuse of a cast!


Ah but a couple of weeks of calorie loading will set us up nicely for season 3 :slight_smile:

Nearly went to play football regardless tonight but the pain was more realistic after work than when I was sitting as a desk all day at work.

Looks like the exercise bike will be hammered even more over the next couple of weeks.


I’m catching up on this thread and my interest was peaked by the notion of using protein powder as a thickening agent for passata. Did it work? :smiley:


Well it thickened up… but I do prefer sweet chilli on my tortilla wrap base :grin::grin::grin:


Been a little while since I posted foodporn.

This beauty really is sub 250 calories.

2 microwave omelettes (remember that handy microwave tool I posted?)

1 egg per omelette & peppers, salt & black pepper.
(160 calories ish for 2 omelettes.)
Add in 2 bacon medallions (40 calories Co-op, 56 calories Tesco)
Lettuce, Tomato & a drizzle of lighter than light mayonnaise.

And pick it up like a burger… and eat.


Last episode of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall TV Show ‘Britain Fights Fat’ just watched.

No sign of my interview, not even a mention of ManVFat in the show.

Not surprised, felt like a tit at the time. But I can’t help feeling that there wasn’t enough focus on solutions & too much time explaining the problems.

Wasted opportunities.


Keep plugging away mate.
Let me pm you a copy of something I’ve just sent


An amazing journey…well done mate.
There is hope for me yet then😏


Just 10 days after rib breaking, the pain has subsided. Have put on a couple of lbs, more due to having a week off plan (after 14 weeks effort, it’s good to chill…)

Guess who’s playing football tonight? :grin:

Only 11 days until season 3 registration.