So 12 weeks since I decided to lose weight


Jamie there’s hope for everybody.

I keep saying this, losing weight is easy.
Avoiding the sugar, the excuses, the snacks in the cupboard. That’s what’s hard.

A guy I used to work with, posted his slimming world achievement last night. Nobody knew until then he was even going. He kept it quiet in case he failed. He has lost 3 stone since January.


Not only did I play football thursday night, but got dragged out of bed to make up the numbers for a 90 minute, 11 a side saturday too! Still, I took that unexpected exercise to enjoy the opportunity of a nice chicken breast burger, some chips & a pint of beer afterwards. Naughty but nice.

I’ve been working on a plan for season 3;

I took the NHS website calorie recommendations for my height at various weights. Basically, for every kg lost, the bottom end of their recommended calorie scale drops by 13. But as their figures suggested 2338 now for example, I took 500 off as it seemed too high to me.

So here is the maximum calories I am allowed in a day at the various weights:

*post edited as an updated plan has been posted on 28.05.18


For today’s breakfast, we added chilli flakes to onion & green pepper.

Oh, and I stopped smoking 1 year ago today.
Nobody believed that I would stick to that either. :grin:


‘Addicted’ to these things. This was tuesday.

Just as well I have run out of bacon temporarily. :joy:

Anyway, after a gain over the 2 weeks since season 2 ended, partly due to indulgence & partly, oh who am I kidding, only due to indulgence, this week I cracked onto the plan I explained further up, starting at 105kg but using the calories for 103kg until we get back down.

Registration for season 3 is next Monday, so the current week is an experiment. The net effect figures will be added up Sunday night and divided by 3500 to predict the weight loss.

The weight will then be compared Monday morning compared to previous Monday morning. Let’s see how close the prediction ends up to actual figures.

Tuesday was a unexpected day due to a function but it is what it is, if you look closely I lowered today’s intake & increased the exercise to offset some of it.

Net effect is the calories under current daily allowance + 500 that were taken off from NHS figure + calories burnt through exercise.

Mon: ate 1837 burnt 400 net effect 901 under
Tue: ate 2837 burnt 300 net effect 199 over
Wed ate 1609 burnt 600 net effect 1329 under

Thur ate 1963 burnt 800 net effect 1175 under
Fri ate 1929 burnt 600 net effect 1009 under

You may have noticed I have eaten slightly over the past couple of days but again some exercise was upped too.

Based on those 5 days, we should have lost just over 0.5kg so far if this is in anyway accurate.
We will see on Monday morning.


It’s not all about dieting. After an 11 a side match I can afford this. :grin:

This will all be accounted for when I look at my weight loss. :+1:


Looking younger every day buddy


Cheers fella.
As of last monday, 17kg to go. Planning for ‘by end of August’, hoping to smash it even quicker.

The experiment with the NHS calories v Actual intake v exercise is looking interesting…
kind of confirms a comment I made a couple of months back that I had been winging it, even though I lost 9.8kg in season 2. Some people would love that figure, and I will openly admit I did that barely breaking sweat. Sorry!

Have I stuck to the plan this week? No not in the slightest, but that was part of the experiment - a flexible plan based on number crunching. I will tighten up more from next week, as season 3 registration is monday night. So I have had chocolate midweek, wagon wheels, cherry bakewells, fish & chips in a restaurant on friday, beer & pub grub yesterday, even some rocky road bites from Asda. Not in the slightest healthy but I have also had salads, porridge etc at other times.

There has to be a balance with food, you can’t develop a fear of eating certain foods, everything in moderation. So when I have gone off plan… I have reacted to it, offsetting calories some days, by removing / changing snacks or changing meals to lower calorie ones, increasing the exercise…

We’ll see tomorrow, but the current predicted loss based on just the number crunching up until last night was 0.77kg. Not even close to my highest but nicely in the 'recommended range of 1 to 2 lbs in old money.

Whatever my weight is tomorrow morning, it will be higher at registration, because of clothing, food & drink during the day… so from now on, whilst I will mention my weigh-ins, I will be concentrating on comparing my weekly weight on a monday morning…


End of Week 1:

Starting weight 105kg

Mon: ate 1837 burnt 400 (exercise bike) net effect 901 under
Tue: ate 2837 burnt 300 (exercise bike) net effect 199 over
Wed ate 1609 burnt 600 (exercise bike) net effect 1329 under
Thur ate 1963 burnt 800 (soccerworld & exercise bike) net effect 1175 under
Fri ate 1929 burnt 600 (exercise bike) net effect 1009 under
Sat ate/drunk 2480 burnt 1050 (11 a side & exercise bike) net effect 908 under
Sun ate 2443 burnt 800 (exercise bike) net effect 695 under

So the overall net effect = 5818
Predicted loss, dividing by 3500 calories = 1.66 lbs / 0.75 kg

Actual loss = 1kg
Considering I was quite loose with this for this week, happy with that.

Registration tonight, so alas (for me) the coming weeks will be a lot stricter.


Been quite ignorant of things this week.

Monday night weighin, I had dinner before going (normally after ManVFat), drunk 3 litres of water between then & weighin (worth 3kg) and what with clothes and everything, my starting weight for season 3 is :joy::joy::joy:109.2kg :joy::joy::joy:

Well I am still at 104kg this morning (so that’s just 0.3kg away from the 5% and matchday 1 is over a week away still), a mindful weekend and then back on the plan properly from Monday.

But 109.2kg… :joy::joy::joy: . Be interested to hear people’s thoughts. I was hungry. It was a warm day, I was thirsty. Yes I knew what I was doing. Have I ‘cheated’ by being in control of the first 5%???


I don’t think it’s cheating, especially as lots of players do it (i.e. have a bit of a relax between seasons). It’s not like you weighed in with stones in your pockets.

Did you?


Nope! I drank 3 litres of water, half of that was in the registration session, and ate a nice big dinner before I went. Yeah I was wearing jeans instead of matchday shorts, probably a thicker top… but ho hum. Just shows how easy it is to increase weight really, even for a short time.

Aiming to be down to 88kg by end of season 3, which means losing more than I did in season 2 & even in season 1 when you take the 5kg off that I lost before joining…so you could argue where I start from (on paper) is irrelevant.

Pre Season 1: 125.5 to 120.6 = 4.9kg
Season 1: (only 13 weeks as joined late): 120.6 to 106.2 = 14.4kg
Season 2: (after a reckless Christmas): 112.4 to 102.6 = 9.8kg
Season 3: (not done too bad in break really) 109.2 (erm currently the same 104 I was in the morning) to 88??? = 16kg

Gonna be pushing it I know, anything sub 95kg will be considered a success though.


Another week passes and we remain at 104kg.

Had an indulgent week involving cake, chocolate, the usual bad things :joy: so happy to accept that.

The plan I posted a fortnight ago has been further revised & is what I will be following from tomorrow. Changed some of the foods & adjusted the exercise to make it slightly less punishing when I’m juggling work & a pregnant one.

I’ll post it up later.

95kg by 28th July, just over 8 weeks.1.125kg a week.
88kg in 15 weeks time. 1.06kg a week.


Food porn time:

One week until matchday 1 weighin…

Jacket potato, filling made with an onion, a quarter each of red/green/yellow peppers, some sliced mushrooms, a few jalapeno slices & a tin of chopped tomatoes, along with cayenne pepper & chilli flakes.

As this is a rare (for me) meat-free dish, can afford to add low fat cheddar & have ice cream for dessert!


So as mentioned earlier, this is the plan I am following from tomorrow;
I feel that there is plenty of food & it’s food that I like. Even a cooked breakfast on a weekend, thanks to low fat Quorn sausages & bacon medallions.

During the weekdays, I am very much a creature of habit. There’s breakfast, elevenses is now a whole lot less calories, lunch, a quick bite when I get home from work, dinner & dessert & then late night porridge too… so that’s still 6 times a day… but if I do fancy something extra, the exercise sessions are short enough to be increased if need be. But this should give me around 1kg a week I hope! And all the way down to 88kg, every day is under the calorie allowance except sunday, but depending on how we perform, that might not need to be changed anyway.

The 15 week experiment starts in earnest now at 104kg.

01/06/2018: made a slight change to plan.


Didn’t have the clementine, fancied jelly & pineapple at around 100 calories instead of the ice cream on the plan…

Done brilliantly today:
Porridge & Banana 285
Apple 80
Soup 200
Yoghurt 60
Sandwich 175
Tuna Salad (huge plate of it using whole tin of tuna in spring water) 200
Jelly & Pineapple 100
Porridge to have later 225

1325 calories and burnt 300 on bike too.

Not going to post details every day but just to show how easy it is.

This was a whole can of tuna in spring water with lettuce, tomato, peppers, beetroot, light mayonnaise and cracked black pepper. 200 calories for a full dinner plate.


Bought a tub of Breyer’s Cookies and Cream ice cream and it’s still sat in my freezer. It’s grim. Flavour and texture is totally off and you can definitely tell it’s a ‘diet dessert’. Give me a smaller portion of Ben and Jerry’s or Haagan Daz anytime.


Blimey, I’m a fan of it.

Sure it’s not Ben & Jerry’s (their birthday cake one is amazeballs) & it’s never going to be as good as (in the same way my home made pizza isn’t the same as Domino’s) but it is still a worthy addition to the diet ammunition.

Half a tub of Cookies ‘n’ cream 250ml = 175 calories.
100ml of Ben & Jerry’s birthday cake is 234 calories so the same sized 250ml = 585 calories

Quite a difference to be fair.


Yes, there’s definitely a difference in calories but for me, the trade-off isn’t worth it in terms of taste/texture/flavour.

Homemade pizza can be much better and lower in calories than Domino’s crap. Let me know if want a decent recipe.


I have plenty of recipes, but sacrifices have to be made sometimes old chap.

Be boring if we all liked the same stuff!


You know how this works now.

Had a slightly higher intake / lower exercise weekend
so the calorie calculation says that the scales show 103.3kg in the morning.

Hopefully, the calculation is an underestimate like a couple of weeks ago.

Either way, the 3kg of water that I took on just before weigh-in last monday evening is now a distant memory before tomorrow night’s weigh-in… might knock back a bit more water & settle for a MvF loss of around 4kg for the fortnight.

It’s my morning weights that are more important.