So 12 weeks since I decided to lose weight


Well… 103.2kg this morning. Just beat the prediction!

Will be at least 2kg heavier tonight. :joy::joy::joy:


Food porn time.

Coriander & cayenne pepper over boiled potatoes, baked tomatoes on lettuce, fish fillet topped with chilli flakes a& a philadelphia stuffed mushroom topped with crushed ryvita.


Well we made the Newcastle squad for the 2nd tournament running.

Baby permitting (missus will be almost 36 weeks then, and at our ages I might just be pushing my luck…), hopefully meet some of you then.

Weight this morning was 102.7kg, hopefully continue that over the weekend. No need for posting the predictions the sunday night before, it’s clearly working.


just picked up this thread now - amazing work!

do you have all your batch cooking recipes listed in one place id like to give some a go


There are some over in the recipe thread.

I have not been making any for a while as I have been changing my diet around a little bit lately, something to do with having a pregnant missus who is in terrible pain with SPD so I am doing all the cooking… So everything is fresh rather than me being able to plan ahead.

I suppose that’s good in a way…


Monday morning, personal weighin time!

102.3kg = 0.9kg down

In a week where I have been back & forth to the hospital for 4 days & have eaten the most chocolate & other junk since Christmas, I’ll take that. Decent figures considering.

I have this offset to remove 300 calories a day from the allowance to counter the exercise calories it gives back. It was only done on Tuesday hence Monday looks a higher amount.

13.4kg to go to the magic barrier of 88.9kg

The doctors have said they are likely to bring the birth forward to 38 weeks. So I have either got to lose 1.49kg a week to hit 88.8kg by then…

Or, more sensibly, 7.3kg to hit 95kg at 0.82kg a week & the rest by the end of season 3 (10th Sept) at 1.03 a week.


Incidentally on the evening weighin it was a 1.4kg loss, to hit my 5% on matchday 2.

That was handy as we lost 4-1 on the pitch, only to win 6-5 on weight.:grin:

Played 2, lost 2, but top of the league with a 100% record. :joy: Weight loss matters. :+1:


Tried a world cup exercise bike special this weekend.
7 games on saturday & sunday, so opted for 20 minutes per half on the exercise bike.

6 games done, 1 to go, the equivalent of 160km pedalled so far… will be over 185km after the final match. Won’t be doing this very often lol


Paid off, despite eating :joy: cookies & pringles & other things I shouldn’t advocate this week :joy:, lost 1.2kg at weighin tonight.

Will check the morning weight tomorrow as forgot to do it this morning.

But tonight was 102.4kg (0.1kg above last week’s morning weight), so I would hope the morning weight is a lot lower too!

On the pitch we lost 1 nil in the top of the table clash, but I have a hunch we might steal it on weightloss to go clear top.

That 100kg barrier is getting nearer all the time…


Same for me dude, 100kg is the magic number for my height, I’ve gotten close in recent years… (coming down from 147 odd) but never broken through!


Won 13-12. Epic victory for our 8 men v their 10 men too. :+1:


To be fair the magic figure for me is 88.9kg.

That’s when my BMI is officially ‘healthy’.

Even on the evening weight, the season ends 10th September, so that’s 1.12kg a week, slightly less at 1.04kg a week based on morning weight.

Even keeping up the rate of the last 2 weeks, it would take just under 10 weeks, so although the pregnant one is at 30 weeks today, it looks likely that the birth will defeat me as it is expected to be early…


It’s a great feeling when you do break the 100 gents, have just broken my 90kg (though I have hovered back up a bit).


I’m 15st now and 5ft 11 with a current loss of 6.5kg/1st… To get to a ‘healthy’ BMI would need me to get to 12st 12 which to be honest will not happen in a month of sundays.

My goal is to get my 10% and also to reach 14st / 88.9kg


I did think that I would never get to 14 stone… which is what 88.9kg represents.

Mind you that was back when I topped out at 125.5kg last August. It was a long way off, I would look too skinny then… To be honest, now I am almost two-thirds there, the only place it can come from now is the waist… No, I am not going to look too skinny it seems!

Was happy to be back to XL clothing… Tbh some of the stuff I have bought this year is going to be baggy, if not too big. I like baggy. :grin:


Was 101.4kg this morning btw.

So, just to update those targets:
95kg by 28th July, just under 6 weeks = 1.07kg a week required. Lower so on track!
88kg in 12 weeks time = 1.04kg a week. Again lower so on track!


Weekend, and back on the world cup pedalling malarkey.
3 games, done 25 minutes per half today. Same tomorrow is planned.
Glad to say there are only 2 games per day next weekend.

Before that, popped into town to finally buy a couple of pairs of new work trousers, after refusing to for months… boy was that belt working overtime. 6 inches smaller than the original MvF weigh-in… and even went for a skinny fit option in one pair. WIN.


‘Only’ a 0.6kg loss this week.

But we did consume 6000 calories on the weekend alone.

Still a win? :+1:


Wow [quote=“Darren_Welch, post:1, topic:27539, full:true”]
14th Aug discover I have peaked at 125.5kg.
Nearly 20 stone. Over 2 stone heavier than I thought.

In 5 weeks, lose 4.9kg… but sign up for ManvFat.

The next 7 weeks… 10.8kg lost. But 1 week can be ignored, broke my ribs, still lost 0.2kg that week but really not a reflection of any other week.

What else?
Matchday 1: couldn’t even survive until halftime. Angry with myself, fitness poor.
Matchday 2: last entire match
Matchday 3: last match, break 3 ribs in first half but carry on to finish the match
You get the drift…

I now pedal the exercise bike for an hour at a time, all the while belting out karaoke efforts. All without losing breath. A treadmill is being delivered today.

Thank you with the journey so far. What I hoped to achieve by April, I will have almost done by Christmas. It’s astonishing how easy it has been.
A picture tells a 1000 words. These 2 faces are 1 year apart.

15.7kg in 12 weeks. That’s over 34lbs already.

Wow, you are amazing. good job. You look a new complete man. I am very happy for you and Thank you for this information because I am 90kg and I want to lose around 25 kg. Again thank you and happy for you.


You want to be 65kg? You must be quite short?