So called healthy

I have been burned when it comes to protein bars. The results after having them has been as good as if I’d been having Mars bars. What supposedly good food/snack have you been burned by?

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Indeed, these thinks are made to be sweet and tasty. So can be quite Morish.

They can be useful as they are portable and depending on the make can be protein rich.


Not all the products are created equal. Some are quite high carbohydrate and calorie levels.
They need to be part of a balanced diet, not an addition to it.

Best thing to do is track your calorie consumption and your macros (carbohydrate, fat and protein). Then you’ll be able to tell if the products help get protein in your diet or you need them for a sweet fix.


yeah they are good for fat burn but i also eat fibre biscuits and low fat chips, but not all snacks are healthy and some have more calories.

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Fruits are the better options and yeah, fiber biscuits are also beneficial.