So confused!

Looking for some help and advice friends. During lockdown I’ve managed to lose around 45lbs. I’ve done this through walking each day, sticking to my daily calorie allowance and a huge help for me has been running.

About ten years of using my fitness pal.

As you can see from my weight progress on my fitness pal, this isn’t the first time I’ve lost weight but it’s the most I’ve ever lost and I intend on staying at a healthy weight now.

I’m 6 foot 1 and currently weigh 186lbs.

I’ve also been running for a long time too. Consistently for about 8 years and I feel in the best form of my life. I managed to do a 16 mile run this week and felt like I could have run further.

Moving forward, I want to keep running longer distances but would also like to start get stronger and build muscle whilst trying to get rid of a bit more fat. I’ve still got a beer belly and my skinny arms are pathetic! However, everything I’ve read about combining the two seems to suggest that running longer distances will ruin any gains I make in the gym.

Also, I’ve read that I will need to eat in a calorie surplus to build muscle. I currently eat around 1900 calories a day and the idea of eating 3000+ scares me!

In conclusion my goals are to maintain my current running, lose excess fat on belly and build muscle.

Does anyone have any advice?

What should I be eating?
What should I be doing in the gym?
Do I have too many goals that contradict one another?

Hi mate,

If you’re overweight and new to strength training you can actually build new muscle tissue at calories maintanance and in a deficit, although it’s not ‘optimal’ meaning you won’t gain as much as you would in a surplus

The caveat is that it’s not really going to happen for people who’ve built a good amount of muscle, or for those who are already lean

It sounds to me that you’ve got a few goals, so it’s best to choose which ones you want to focus on the most and have the others as ‘bonus goals’ where anything is an extra until you’re ready to shift your focus