So far so good

I’ve waited to the end of our season (Oldbury) to see how far I’ve progressed.

In May 2018 I was 18st 9, upon joining MVF @ Kidderminster in March 2019 (after 9 months at Slimming World) I’d got down to 16st 10.

I then tore my calf at Kiddy and waited a few months before rejoining, this time at Oldbury.

I now weigh 14st 3, I’m ‘over the moon’ having lost over 35lbs this season.

Its not victory, its more like half time as there is more weight I want to lose, but for once I’m pretty happy with myself.

Thanks to everyone at Oldbury, especially Neil and the lads who kindly ref our games.

Roll on next season.


Great progress and story of where was and go to so far.