So I've just signed up... What now?

Hi everyone!

I’ve just signed up and set up the direct debit, and joined the WhatsApp group, but what next?

Do I need to post to join a team or do I just get allocated to one?

Any help is appreciated!

Many thanks

Morning James,

me too, messaging and looked like I’ve been allocated to a team from Sunderland???

I guess just turn up tonight and see what happens???

Who did you message or did somebody message you? The WhatsApp group I’m in says only admins can send messages.

The one on my phone is the same as yours, the message was on the ManVFat progress community chat, when I was filling all my details in it allocated me to a team called Sheet.

THinking it was for the Pompey league, asked same question you did and what to bring tonight, and they said training was on a wednesday night and address in Sunderland!!! Hmmmm not quite right!!

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Very weird!

The faq I just read said that they will be in contact with us to let us know the team etc.

So just have to wait and see I guess. Luckily I can’t play tonight anyway so hopefully by next Monday we’ll be sorted!

Hi @JamesMudie and @martin.macgurk - please email over to and we can then check these issues out for you.

Thanks, I’ve just sent an email.

Hey fellahs, did you manage to get allocated to any teams yet? We had an influx of new members last Monday, it might have been you.

Yeh I got allocated to the blue team, not too sure about Martin though.

Looks like the teams will be mixed up again soon though.

Ah, we (yellows) played you last game of the season so no doubt I saw you there. We’ll meet again soon.

i got allocated to the blue team and not sure about other people who signed up, the other group was in yellow,hopefully we will be sorted next time.

I signed up a couple weeks ago and all I got was email saying when the league is played and nothing else, contacted them to ask what to do next and still not got a reply. Do I just turn up, cause thought you have to have a introduction first before starting playing and put into a team.

Jordan, only just seen this post so apologies for the delay in replying. I received an e mail today telling me that you are allocated to the blue team but can’t make it tonight but will be here next week. All the info you need will be in your introduction e mail but basically we play at Roko in Copnor from 6pm on Mondays, you’ll need to check with this site to see what time you are actually playing and try to be 30 mins early to get weighed in/measured up etc. We’ll introduce you to your team mates who will explain most things to you (or I will). Remember to wear shin pads and either moulded studs or astro trainers. And shorts (or if you really prefer, trackies, but I wouldn’t recommend it). See you on Monday.

Hi Phil, thank you for the reply, see you next week.