So when does laxative use become laxative abuse?

Hi guys first post and a question that concerns me.

So a little history,

I’m 46 and currently weigh in at 128kg that’s just over 20 stone. I’m following a restricted calorie diet aimed at around 1500 a day, I try and walk 10000 steps a day and it seems to be working but every now and then I overdo it on the protein and inevitably it causes me to be constipated. I know about the plenty of water, plenty of fibre and veg but if I’m honest I don’t always manage it and I have been turning to the laxatives to shift the blockage.

On average I’d say it’s about once every 3 or 4 weeks ill do it. I don’t like it and don’t want to continue but here’s the question, is this use or abuse?

It helps a lot as these days if I don’t go to the toilet for a couple of days it feels like I’m carrying a bloody baby in there, once a day would be ideal but when you reduce what goes in then of course you reduce what comes out.

I have a job visiting a lot of clients during the day and asking them if you just pop to the loo and unload just doesn’t seem fair on them so sometimes ill keep it in and again I think that isn’t helping.

So what is the consensus on this am i abusing the pills or not?


Obviously, getting medical opinions from the web is a pretty bad marker, but I’d say that once a month use was fine. If you feel like you’re using them strategically (i.e. as a weight loss tool) then I’d say that’s a big warning sign. If you’re using them to unblock stuff then it sounds about right. If you want some quick advice then speak to your pharmacist and tell them your frequency.

As admin says getting advice about Pharmacetical use from forums on the web needs to be done carefully.

My take is that a few times a month is fine and certainly not abuse. Though different laxatives work in different ways and some are harsher than others.

Better to do without though. Have a search for Psyllium husk on this forum as lots of great people have benefited from it. Myself included. That in combination with a good fluid intake really helps.

I hear you re the pharmacist but one thing i neglected to mention is I live outside the UK and speaking to a pharmacist in a language I’m not exactly fluent in is difficult at the best of times. I could phrase the question but understanding the answer is another thing entirely.

What laxative are you using?

As @adrian says, have a look at posts on the subject of psyllium husk on the forum. It’s good stuff, and it keeps things moving along nicely.

A lot of us are big fans, and you can use it every day without problem. It significantly improves your stool quality, too.

Nothing wrong with a sennakot or two when you’ve not had a shit for several days.

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You see that right there is the kinda answer i was looking for.

Top man.

Ok so I’ve been using a polish brand ‘blonnik vitamina’ for a few days until the psyllium husks arrive and I have to say, so far so good.
It’s not as fibre rich as the husks but it seems to be doing the job but by Christ you need to drink plenty of water with them.

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I understand how you feel, I have a hemeroid that made having a poop a very painful problem. I am currently on some meds to keep it all soft and likewise if I over do it in protein I can back myself up.

So if it’s purpose is to remedy a medical problem and not as a weight loss aid I don’t see the harm.

I now try to keep regular and when I eat more protein, up my water and eat some fruit too

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Yes you do, but that’s no bad thing, either

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Ok so an update , I’ve Been using chia seeds and the polish stuff regularly for about a week now and I have to say things seem to be moving along quite nicely.

Breakfast is almond milk and a couple of spoonfuls of either chia or ‘blonnik’ and in the evening I try to sprinkle some on my dinner, plenty of liquids and for snacks a protein bar with about 6g of fibre too, its working.
Good job really as my psyllium still hasn’t been delivered yet!