'Social prescribing'

Iv been sent 2 see this social precribing bloke at the drs, i dunno why or what they gonna do, am rly worried about it. Has ne 1 has this ?? Whats it all about

@Biffa94. It’s where you are referred to community support groups that can help with non-medical support such as weight-loss groups, or support to give up smoking etc.

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Oh ok thanx. I dunno how they gonna react when they find out am already regilar at the gym n do weightloss etc :grimacing::grimacing: will see how it goes. I gotta go nxt tuesday

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They will probably be really positive and know they can work well with you.

The wife went through the same thing. She was already doing most things right, just needed some specific focus and fine tuning.

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That sounds good then so av ticked afew box b4 i even start lol. Will see what happens