Southampton league



New to this , anybody else signed up to planned Southampton league? What sort of numbers are we at ? Do we have a target date to kick things off?


Hi @jamie.y
Welcome to MANvFAT!

@admin would be best placed in order to advise on numbers and possible target date (however dont think there is one confirmed as of yet. If you have signed up for it - you should be hearing more details soon im sure.

In the mean time settle in, take a look around and check out our new member post :slight_smile:


Hi Jamie - good to have you here. The Southampton league is the same as the other Planned leagues - when we get a quorum of guys we’ll launch there. You should have an email from us with some tips about how to make it happen even quicker - did that come through?


Hi Guys
Lets try and get this league this league up and running asap!
We need to get organised and then challenge Pompey, who already have a league.

If there’s anything I can do to speed it up other than the poster etc, which I will do anyway, let me know!



I’m a new member, just signed up to Southampton league. Ready to go. How many players are there and how many do you need?


I’m desperate for a Southampton league to start up!!


Looks like 4 of us so far? How can we get some more to sign up!


I’ll ask around in work, see what response I get there… Who doesn’t like having a kick about for God sake!?!


Hmmm this could take ages!
How can we get some numbers and how many do we need?


Hi, just joined , I’m in Romsey so close enough to join your league if you’ll have me


Hi, newbie fatty here (my first post).

I’m also in Romsey, waiting for league in Winchester but also interested in Southampton (can you be on a list for both?)

Look forward to getting to know folk around here.



Hey @Duko
I recommend reading through our Football FAQs of which will answer some of the questions for you.



Hi mate. I’ve just joined but struggling to work out what happens next. I’m up for the Southampton league. Cheers. Chris


How is it taking so long to organise a Southampton league - hopeless!


It actually requires a set number of people to start a league - have you signed up and registered?


I gave up trying to work out what I’ve handed money over for a long time ago…


As aforementioned we need 20 players signed up and registered before approaching a league partner - refer a friend and get 5% off in the MAN V FAT shop.


I gave up and joined the Portsmouth League!


Now that’s dedication!! (desperation?) :wink::joy:

Anyone want to sort a kick about for ourselves sometime?!


Are you still intrested in a kick about?