Star Trek

Any other Trekkies around here?

I’ll indulge every now and then.
Love next generation

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Not a trekkie. But would love to be thin enough to wear one of the uniforms. I have not desire to wear the uniform, just want to be thin enough. :grinning:


This in relation to the new one on Netflix @mattig89ch ? Any good?

Treated myself to the original series on blu-ray for my birthday last month - but still to take the shrink wrap off it though.

Aye @Adrian to be svelte enough to get into a TNG uniform would be a worthy benchmark… think I might settle for filling out the more forgiving original style shirts… I’ll give the kids a choice of getting me a Red Shirt or Dukla Prague away kit for Xmas :wink:

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I actually haven’t seen the new one yet. Though I’d like to, I’m not paying for that online service for a single series. I can wait till it comes to another digital service like netflix or amazon prime.

@Adrian not a bad goal to have. What series would your uniform be from?

@CRS1965 I’ve never seen the original series myself. Its too bad for me to get through more then a single episode every few weeks.

Loving Discovery, so far

@CRS1965 It’s AWESOME … and that’s from a Star Wars fanboy lol :grin:

It has more than a passing nod to the Original series, especially the Klingons.

Ah, you’re in US. Netflix is the only way we get it in UK

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Yeppers. If/when it comes to netflix, I’ll be all over it like white on rice.

But I’m not up for paying that subscription service for a single show.

Yep I’m a long time Trekkie, the new show is slowly warning up on me now, just can’t get over the new Klingons. But least it doesn’t follow the Kelvin timeline.

Aren’t the klingons still mutating in this time period? I thought thats how they were justifying their new apearence.

Maybe the TOS Klingons were the mutants, and that’s why the Discovery Klingons are all “Remain Klingon”

Just a thought…

That’s actually an interesting thought. And it could be true as well. All those who were off planet, at the time of the virus.