Start of my journey


At the age of 34 I have decided to make a change.

For many years I have been happy just doing minimum of living a home life, driving too and from work and eating whatever I fancied. But within the last 12 months, after a long battle with depression and anxiety about myself I need to make the change.

I weigh 18 stone 7 and am 5’11. My total aim for myself if to get down to 14 stone as I am rather built not to be supper skinny but comfortable.

How am I going to do this? this is the question, I have signed up for a future league in MVF. I have started to think about what I eat, how much I eat and what I can cut out. What really comes down to is motivation and to not be alone with it.

When I told a family member what I planned, they laughed at me, made me think why bother. But deep down I know I have to do this, not only for my general health, but for my knees and my legs which take a pounding every day.

Wish me luck.


Even with the jibes always remember who you are doing this for. Plenty of inspiration and motivation here. Check out the challenge threads to keep you going and accountable for now. Best thing is to be active on the forum as much as you can.
Good luck on your journey


Good to have you here, mate. You’re number one so be selfish. Get yourself into a calorie deficit and watch the weight fall off, how you get to that deficit is your choice.

MvF has changed my life and I hope it does for you too. Always here to help if you need it, as are many of the lads and ladies on here.


Cheers guys, start of a long journey I hope!

Lets hope my knee doesnt seize up when my league gets kicked in!


All the best pal


You bother for yourself, your health, your future.


:+1: good luck


Thanks guys! appriciate it!


Start your journey today!

Think about writing a food diary, or using an app or the website - just somewhere you can add in your food and water intake every day.

With some motivation and learning a new routine, the weight will come off you, and your new belief will be flowing, enough to stick that to the family member that doesn’t believe in you!