Starting a fitness training course

Just wanted 2 tell yous in january i am starting a fitness instructer course at college.

I always told myself i cant do it cos of my weight, cos i not got the qualifications, not got the time etc etc. I can do it and im gonna do it

I want 2 help ppl whose anxious about exercise or young ppl who get left out or stuff like that. Cos i think every1 who wants 2 join in shud b able 2. And becoming a fitness instructer is the best way i can think 2 do it. Theres alot of ppl inspired me on my journey including yous here so i want 2 pay it forward kno what i mean


Great work @Biffa94 and best of luck to you!

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Thank u :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s amazing, best of luck to you! Helping people who are anxious about exercise is a really great idea and it’s so great that you will be a cheerleader for them

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Aye. I hope i can b like relatable 2 them cos i been there myself i was lucky some1 gave me that chance

Honestly i thought there was all these reasons i cant do it, when i looked in2 i found they didnt stop me how i thought…so i was like sh!!!t now iv not got an excuse hav i ??? Gotta go n do it hahaaa

Well bloody done mate! V-proud of you.

Feel free to pick my brains on anything you need :slight_smile:

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Thank u !!