Starting to run


Today I went for my first run in many years. I really found out how unfit I am. I only managed 150 m. Oh well I have to start somewhere I suppose!


Amazing, who cares how far, the next time you’ll hit 151m and so it goes, well done!


Hey @Laisili,
Well done on getting started. A few months back I wouldn’t have been able to do 150m, and you know what, I probably would have been too scared to have tried. Well done for taking that first step.

Now, here is an offer/challenge/target for you.
The lads in the Borehamwood League have committed to do a 5k park run on 23 June.
Obviously a long haul flight wouldn’t be the best preparation for a 5k run, so how about joining us from afar and running the distance with us on that day?

Just to let you know, out of the 26 we have running, 1 has a couple of marathons under his belt, 3 are regular park runners, 3 do park runs now and again, the rest of us are complete novices… so in the same boat as you

Let me know if you are interested. You could set the MANVFAT China national record (I’ll see if @StevenHaley could provide some competition too :grimacing:). You could work alongside our C25k beginners if you want to.

One of our lads will be doing his run in Dubai, … could look to all start at 9:00am London time (treadmill if heat dictates for our international runners)


Sounds good. Can we set up some form of group or start a Forum?


I’ll put you on our whatsapp group

Drop me a message with your phone number…do you have whatsapp over there?


Add me to this also I’m in Dubai. Nice wee challenge


Here’s a simple beginner plan to build up from scratch…

What’s the absolute MAXIMUM amount of time you WANT to spend running per week?

Let’s use an example of 2 hours per week & how you want to break that up (4 sessions of 30 mins for example)

Now let’s create 3 'level’s of intensity (doesn’t have to be ruinning, could be walking, depends on the individual & how hard they feel they’re working)

1 – light (whatever YOU feel is light – you should be able to hold a conversation)
2 – medium (whatever YOU feel is medium – you should be able to speak in sentences)
3 - going for it/high-ish (whatever YOU feel is high-ish – you should be able to speak in words)

Here’s a simple progression patter for you to build up to your maximum

W = week:

Cycle 1:

W1 – half max sessions & half max time - 2 sessions of 15mins light intensity

W2 – half max sessions & full max time - 2 sessions of 30mins light intensity

W3 – 3 / 4 of max sessions & half max time - 3 sessions of 15mins light intensity

W4 - 3 / 4 of max sessions & full max time - 3 sessions of 30 mins light intensity

W5 – full max session & half max time - 4 sessions of 15mins light intensity

W6 - full max session & full max time - 4 sessions of 30 mins light intensity

W7/Break week – Rest of light recovery (revert back to week 1 for light recovery)

Cycle 2:
Repeat the same but up the intensity to what you feel is a ‘medium’

Cycle 3:
Repeat the same but up the intensity to what you feel is a ‘high-ish’

You can adjust this based the MAXIMUM amount of time you WANT to spend running per week.

The structure is to progressively increase the time, then the session, but not at the same time, so to not over-train/overexert yourself, letting your body recover & progress week by week,

then at the end of each cycle, to have a rest/recovery week & restart the progression model but with a slightly higher intensity as ‘fitness’ levels willhave increase

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Did my WhatsApp reply get through?


I’ll do a better/full write up on this soon :slight_smile:


You didn’t vomit. I’d call that a win.


I can’t load up a “parkrun”. Is it a run through a park or is it over rough/rugged terrain in a park?


It all depends on the park Steven.
I did my 1st one last Saturday and it was40% along pathways beside a lake and 60% trails through woodland.

2 laps and nobody lapped me…I went past the finish line on my first lap just as the winner was crossing the line at the end of his 2nd :scream:


Parkrun is worldwide 5k timed runs that are free to enter I think they all start at 9.00am all ages and abilities enter great atmosphere, go on parkrun website to register you then get a barcode this is scanned along with your finishing barcode and results get published
This is my parkrun site


My favourite running related picture…:grin:


Distance going up slowly but in a positive direction. Day 2 220 m and day 350 m.


I was similar to start walk, jog, walk gradually getting longer jigs and shorter walks very similar to the couch to 5 k training plans you can get off the web. Keep us all posted


I did the nhs c25k I recommend it (9 week plan) it got me out the door. I couldn’t run a bath before let alone 5k. I now run 5k 2/3 times a week, I even managed 7km yesterday. I find it hard work but I feel so much better in myself then after a gym session.


Have tried C25k in the past and for me it did not work. once I start walking I find it hard to start to run again. After my initial approach of try increase my run distance each time I have taken a different approach. I have only done it twice but enjoyed it.

Yesterday I used my Garmin to work out a 5 k route walking at a quick pace. My muscles felt this which was good. Today I did the same route but walked as quickly as I could and checked checking my pace to improve on the overall day before. Must be psychological but I also put in a few short runs to improve my pace which I did a few times. A walk/run routine which motivated me to add in running. My aim to try to keep improving my pace which means I need to keep increasing the amount of running I add into the routine.


Well done mate keep that up and you will be ok


Leg muscles are a bit sore today so I am going to do this every other day to give myself a days recovery. The 1st time I did this I was really marking out my route but using a pretty fast walk. Yesterday I walked as quickly as I could but with a few short runs. This is now my benchmark to start from and beat.