Stoke season 7 finale

So stokes last game of the season this Friday and what a season it’s been

We go into the final game with the top 2 battling it out for the combined league trophy

Currently top fatletico have won the league 2 times before
2nd place flapjacks have finished 2nd 6 times can they make it 7 times lucky?

Fitting that the final game of the season is against each other and I wish both teams the best of luck as I’m not there this week

Also just a quick thank you to our coach Dave. Been tough with stoke league last few seasons but personally this has been the best season Iv been apart of so thanks Dave

Good luck and well done everyone

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Personally, I wish the Flapjacks the worst of luck, but then I might be a little biased :wink:

Been a cracking season, should be a corker of a game tomorrow.

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Come on now sam I was trying be nice :joy::joy:.

■■■■ it. Come on the mighty flapjacks

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