Stoke- Week 1



Firstly well done to all teams this week, The first week under the Port Vale banner.
After our teething issues with the system and my hast to get your results out to you, we now have the correct scores online moving into the next set of fixtures so thanks for your patience (Well most of you!!)

Few stats for you to celebrate for this week:
Total weekly weight loss for the whole league: 83 Kg (13.7 stone)
Team of the week for weight loss are: Juvenguts with a combined loss of 18.8 kg

On the pitch, thank you for supporting our new ref, Jake, in his first few games and I hope he did a good job. Just a reminder regarding swearing: Easy way, don’t swear at all, I know that for some of you that would be difficult so please be aware that children’s teams are playing around you in the first few rounds so if the ref here’s any loud swearing, that children or parents may here, it will be a blue sin bin card, that means you have to leave the pitch for at least 2 minutes and be replaced with another team mate. We won’t tolerate any swearing at the ref at all so it will be a yellow card or red card as seen fit. Hope that makes it clear!

Weight loss journals, books: Now week 1 is complete, moving forward there will be a bonus goal for any team that has of their players books fully completed for the week and has lost weight.
so all players complete book and lose on the scales= bonus goal!

Finally a few have been asking about my own weight loss journey (still no where near complete) but I promised I’d share a challenge and a few helping points:

-Get a fitness tracker, fitbit, garmin, cheap ones that track steps and how many calories you burn
-Download “myfitnesspal” app onto your phone.

  • Track your calorie burn over the course of a week on your fitness tracker and see what the average burn is for the week. Mine is 3125 calories. If you haven’t got a fitness tracker: go to www. and fill it in honestly to get your average burn.
  • Now on you “my fitness pal” login and set a username up (don’t worry about Premium) Go into the “more” section, goals, Calorie & Macro nutrient Goals and set your default calories go to 500 LESS than what your average burn is so mine would be 2,652 calories per day.
  • Set your protein to 40%, carbs to 30% and fats to 30% and away you go.
  • Track all your food, like you do in the book and make sure you hit your calories and protein targets.
  • This will help you lose 1-2 pounds a week if you stay on the app and track etc

Like I said this is working for me, it may be not for you but certainly worth a try for a couple of weeks and you will hopefully see the difference. Let me know how you get on!!

See you on Friday


So is filling in MyFitnessPal a viable alternative for the book? I log everything in there already and doubling up in to the book will take time. If it needs to be in the book for the bonus goal so be it.
Massive congratulations to 2 players who have already lost 5% of their body weight in 2 weeks (looking at the scores), I wish I could do that! Maybe they can give some tips as to how they achieved that as well? Overall I’m enjoying it, it’s nice to have a run around, play a bit of (terrible) football, and meet some other blokes that want to lose some weight (who are doing something about it) too.


Thanks, for this detailed update. Keep me up to date with your knowledge.